Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Keeping busy

"I don't believe for one minute that this glorious goldenrod color yarn is 
jinxed in regard to being knit into a lovely pair of socks using  
Cookie A pattern .  .  .  .  Pointelle."  

Here ^ left sock and the right sock.
Of course, such a designation depends on whether one is looking at or wearing these sox.
Each, at the moment, being worked on their separate needles.
They are knit to the point where the heel flap begins.
Later today they will be put on one circular needle 
and the heel flaps will be knit to matching lengths.
At least started to this end.

And, that is as far ahead that I am predicting the progress on this rascally pair of sox. 

By the Way, if when clicking on this photo to enlarge any of you find a slight mis-stitch
PLEASE DON'T TELL ME ! ! ! ! ! ! 

~   ~   ~~   ~  ~  ~~   ~  ~  ~~   ~  ~

Our Sew Day consisted of finishing up a project DD#2 and I started a month or so ago.
Between the weather and her work schedule this was the first time we've had to play.
Five Tea towels bought at Wal-Mart and a 
Stash of leftover border prints was, for certain, laundered and pressed.

We worked as a efficient production machine 
- let me say right here ! 
that if for one moment you are picturing us as one efficient machine
you have the wrong picture.  :>)
Deb took it upon herself to start cutting the towels in half
so that put me at the machine hemming.
Chain stitching the towels made the job simple.
Deb began picking border pieces and pressing a quarter-inch seam allowance 
on each edge and end.
I moved on to sewing the borders to one end of each towel
Of course Deb was finished before all the borders were sewn 
so she folded each towel as I finished
pairing up the various borders.

To finish the project she picked her five faves and I, mine.


Our newly formed art quilters group met Sunday.
Using the most casual polling method
we've decided we are going to call our little group
Fancy Threads
This can change at a moment's whim!

This month's workshop - thread sketching Trees.

This is my 
'Palm On A Southern Pacific Ocean Island During A Late Autumn Afternoon'

I've only just begun and plan to stitch several shades of greens to the fonds.


Now I must run along and accomplish something more today than 
eating a Westport Club - grilled wrap lunch at Roly Poly.



  1. your socks look great! I don't see any mistakes but I'm a novice... they are perfect in my eyes.

    Are you making little art quilts with trees on them? Trees are just about my favourite motif in the world. You have fun with your new group. What a great idea to start one up!

  2. You really amaze me with all that you do. The socks look so nice and the color is beautiful.

  3. Looks like that gold yarn is well on its way to a lovly pair of socks this time.

  4. OMG! You're doing it again!!!! LOL
    That poor yarn is going to be worn out before it's time.

    I do love the idea of the art quilt group. All I know around here is ultra traditional. I'll have to form my own group (then I get to be the chair).

    Hugs and many LOL - Marie

  5. Dearest Gerry - with much closer scrutiny (and done with much love), the sock on the right (my right) is shorter in the ribbing. Should I tell you or not?

    Hugs - Marie

  6. I so enjoy watching the socks come to life and trust me, if I enlarged it, it there was a mis stitch, I would not even know...great job. Love the towels.

  7. I guess you aren't sleeping again since you have accomplished so much. Sox look FAB. The art quilt does too. It's so nice that you and D#2 have time to sew/play together. Great towels.

  8. You are blessed to do fun sewing with a daughter. Those socks will be worth their weight in GOLD when you finish!

  9. Glad the pointelle is not a cursed pattern. they look great!!!!


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