Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Yarn Yarn

This is my yarn yarn.

As you know I bought some Wilton's Cake Icing Dye to color 
some KnitPicks' Bare Superwash wool.

My first day's adventure was PINK.  
I mixed four separate batches ranging from light to darker.
I tied the hank in several spots with wide strips of cloth so that white would dot along my yarn.
While I made what I thought were significant increases in the amount of dye per batch, 
the graduating colors were not that noticeable except between the light and dark,
 the in-betweens almost weren't.
However, I am pleased enough to use it.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
The following day I followed the same procedure with GREEN.
Making certain the amount of dye was doubled on each of the four batches.
Still wasn't enough to show.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
All in all the process was easy and not a bit messy in the kitchen/microwave.
hr, did I say I used the same method as I used for the Kool-ade dyeing.
Spurts in the microwave to heat to just below boiling.

While I had the dye and all the paraphernalia out I brought out some yarn that was in my stash minus a label.  
Looked like wool, felt like wool.  
After attempting to dye it I found it would not take the dye so it was not made of animal or protein fiber.

Resorted to checking with my Ravelry Stash and found it is cotton.  
But it sure looks and feels like wool.

Anyway, each color has enough yarn for one pair of socks each.  
This might be the time I attempt a feat that a fellow Rav Cookie A KAL-er does.  
i.e.: knit THREE PAIR of sox on ONE CIRCULAR needle.
I've already bought a sixty-inch long Addi Lace needle.   grin - grin
#   #   #   #   #   #   #   #   #   #

My Norwegian great grandparents emigrated from Oslo in February 1872.
They departed with their three small children
and my great grandfather's father - my great great grandfather -
They settled in Chicago,
had six more children 
of whom the eldest daughter was my grandmother.

This photograph was their home in Nesodden just across the fjord from Oslo, as seen to the right of the house.
The house is situated a few steps from the water's edge.
The present owners have just recently upgraded what was used as a summer place only 
to their year 'round residence.



  1. Your yarn looks yummy in those colors - congratulations! And that home - oh my, how lovely it is!


  2. Three pairs of sox at once? WOW! I had to really pay attention just do to one sock at a time.
    I didn't know you could dye with cake icing dye. I think I am going to have to try that just for fun.

  3. Beautiful candy colors you have there! Three pairs on one needle--are you kidding me? Of course, if it has ever been done, then Gerry can do it. More power to you, my Friend!

  4. Wonder if time would be a factor with the saturation of dye? Since I've never dyed yarn doing it for a shorter time may not be possible. I think all the colors are great and could make lovely striped sox. The home of your ancestors is very nice. It must be quite sturdy to still look great and be a family home. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more about the family in future postings.

  5. What a great house! It looks so inviting. Interesting to read about how you dyed the yarn ... I know little about that but would like to learn some day.

    Can't imagine three socks at once! That's amazing. I can barely finish one at a time.

  6. Your yarn looks yummy.
    I guess you could over dye the yarn to get a darker color is you wanted to.

  7. The colors in your yarn turned out wonderfully....and so loved the photo of your great grandparents home.

  8. I HAVE to see you do 3 pairs at one time!!! If anyone can do it, you can. LOVE the house!!!

  9. What a lovely old house - I love it. The yarn looks good enough to eat - love the colors. Are you going to include your old friend 'the gold yarn' in among the trio to be knit? You could be real creative and do three different patterns at the same time.

    Hugs - Marie


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