Friday, February 25, 2011

Brrrr ! ! ! ! It's Cold ! ! ! !

Mother Nature certainly is having her way.
It is cold ! ! ! 
We had a bit of snow over night and when we went out today it was darn right cold.
 Low thirty's and high 20's - I needed my coat, not just a jacket.
But I braved it and we had lunch and then stopped at Barnes & Noble - just for a tiniest of minutes.
Then came home to have a hot cup of coffee.

Went online the other day to order some sock blockers.
In order to meet the free shipping I bought these two new yarns.  
Just a little something to knit more Cookie A patterns.
Speaking of - - - - -
Pointelle is progressing right along.
One sock is at the point of beginning the heel flap
Second sock just twenty rows short of that.
Haven't had to frog [rip out stitches] for .  .  .  . well, a couple of days.
I AM GOING TO KNIT THESE ! ! ! !  with the Goldenrod yarn whether it wants to or not.
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I've not accomplished a thing today.   Yet ! ! ! 

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Summer of 1957
Phineas Banning High School 



  1. You can keep the cold weather now. All of my fruit trees are budding so I can't wish for cold weather until next season.
    I love the yarns you ordered-so pretty.
    You now have me stumped, what are sock blockers?
    Is the picture of you? Beautiful.

  2. The yarn is lovely and so is the photo. You are much braver than I.

    Are you sure the 'goldenrod' is calling you OR calling you names?

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Love the yarn! Can't wait to see it knitted udp. Claire

  4. is that you in the photo Gerry? well whoever she is, she is so pretty!

    nice yarn too!

  5. Oooh, that yarn is beautiful! I hope you're staying warm -- we got lots of snow this morning with more to come later in the weekend. We've had so many snow days this year that several school districts have announced that the spring graduation date will be delayed this year. Ouch!

  6. That top skein reminds me of the yarn I bought in Lancaster County (that is still on the needles). I need to get back to them so we can have matching sox. I've always thought you are beautiful (inside and out). This old pic proves it.


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