Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Marilinda

Here she is - a few more rows until I'll begin the heel section!

This pattern is just flowing off my needle.
Hadn't intended to go this far but I just can't stop.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

However, I did stop long enough to do some prep work for our Art Quilters next meeting.
Since I am showing thread sketching I decided now was the time to get ready.

This is the quilt top I'm using.
Small enough, something like 18x20, to handle easily.

I use a low loft cotton batt to add depth and a wool/rayon blend felt to stabilize.

I stabilized the top with horizontal lines in the center
and spirally squares and random half-circles in the borders.

This is the reverse side.
Looks to be pretty much evenly stitched.

Next time I'll show you my progress
thread sketching some bare winter trees.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Been enjoying our local library's ebook selection.
My Nook has three current titles one by John Sandford,
two by Harlan Coben.
And, then I downloaded an audio ebook to my laptop so that both Hubby and I can listen.
Yahoo ! ! !  so great to listen to a good mystery and knit at the same time.
I, too, can multi-task.

* * * * * * * * * * *
It began snowing overnight 
so far this 'dusting' has accumulated TWO MORE INCHES ! ! ! 



  1. I love those socks...that gray color is GORGEOUS! And the quilting looks great to me. Hope you don't send that snow my way, though!



  2. You might get snowed in so hope you have plenty of yarn and thread to see you through!

  3. Those Marilinda socks are beautiful, Gerry. I'll have to look at the pattern to see if I can handle it. That yarn I won from would be perfect.

    I have a Kindle rather than a Nook, but now I'm wondering if my library offers ebooks for it. Must check it out.

  4. The socks are beautiful and the quilt is gorgeous. You are one talented gal!


  5. With yarn, books and hubby - you're set for a long snowed in spell. Love the grey, you make it look so easy. The thread art is coming along - you're still ahead of me. I'm finishing up a disapearing nine-patch table topper that I have had hidden in my 'avoidance stack'. I decided it wasn't so bad after all and now I just have quilting and binding left to do. Because it is all straight lines (and vivid colors) I am going to quilt in in curved cross hatching.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. Hey honey wanted to come by and check on you and see how your doing. This weather has been something else.
    Looks like you know how to keep busy during all this bad weather.
    Like Marie said you make everything look so easy when I know better. lol
    Stay warm

  7. Wow-your socks are so beautiful and so is your quilt. You really have been busy.
    I love Harlan Coben books, but have never read John Sandford.
    Enjoy the snow.

  8. Love the socks ! !The quilt is beautiful ! LOVE the stitching ! ! You did GREAT ! !

  9. Lovely lavendar socks. Brt it feels great to work an easy pattern after those golden ones. Your free motion quilting is fab. Way to go.