Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Needlework coasters from my Mother.

Peaks and Valleys from Twisted Knitter
 This scarf is on my needles right now.


Perle Cotton




Wool Roving

This is some of the small, trival details from here.

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One that's not so trival:
Left Eye                                                                                                    Right Eye
This is how Hubby sees the mini quilt.
Last week's removal of cataract from left eye allows him to see more color
while with his right eye he sees less color

It's been like this for a week now
and after this week's procedure we expect his vision will be bright and colorful.



  1. I love the minutiae as you call it. It's nice seeing what other people save or how they store their collections.

    I am so glad hubby is having the second procedure done. How terrible to be in a world without color.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. How interesting to see how your husband 'sees' the quilt. Soon he'll be back to full color!

    I'm going into NYC soon and I'm on the lookout for some of that Perle Cotton. Around here it is only available in ecru, white, red and black!


  3. I love those coasters from you Mother. What a treasure. Hope Ronald will be seeing in full color soon. You have too many pretty colorful things for him to be missing out on.

  4. Very interesting on how your husband see's color...

    I love the coasters from your mother and the spools in the jar are wonderful.. I love jars.. one can never have to many :)


  5. You are so clever. Love how all your pretties are stored. Ron's going to be in for a shock when he can see all he bright things around your house after surgery. Love the scarf on your needles.


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