Thursday, December 9, 2010

Matilda and her sister . . .


.  .  .  .  and her sister
Oh, My ! ! ! !
I don't know her name -  -  -

I worked on her last night.
I just had to have a gal in pink
this is as pink as I could go last night.
Do I need an infusion of new fabric ? ? ? ?

Now before you go all soft on her not having a name yet
let me tell you a little something about this gal.
I was doing my part,
I gathered fabric, color pencils, wire, straws, dowels,
I mean I gathered everything I needed.

Proceeded to stitch and cut
color and turn
stuff and stitch some more.
Wound her wire legs.

Yes, I got out my 'doll hair stash'.
Now this is where things go wacky. 
Or should I say this gal went all postal on me.
Here I was going with the blonde hair -
well, you know it's common knowledge that they do have more fun.

Got it all in place and attached
I took one look at her puss and hair
and she there all looking like she's a
GRANDMA ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Not a grandma my age,
she's lookin' like she could be like MY Grandma.
You know, all old-fashioned [spell that D-O-W-D-Y]

She was showing her true personality and she was steamin' with her eyes all x'd
there, Take a Close Look At Her Eyes.
Postal ! ! !

This is NOT what I envisioned earlier in the evening.

Well, took a time-out had a baklava dessert

and a cuppa Earl Grey.
A time-out to cool off.

Perhaps I wasn't exactly cooled
because I ripped off all those blonde curls.

There she sat bald as a cue ball
-  -  -  there you little tart ! ! !
I'll show ya whose boss 'round here.

No not to be bested by a stuffed postal tart
I chose a little less blonde but none the less blonde
and went about calmly attaching her new hair.

Well, take a look ! ! ! ! !


Isn't she lookin' sweet.
[though her eyes are still x'd - what? she's showin' attitude??????

It remains to be seen what she'll be holding in her hands
perhaps this'll tone her down a might.
whatdda ya think?

Right now she's a no-name a-little-less-blonde tart  ?angel?

Hubby's cataract procedure went pretty darn good today.
Tomorrow will be a check up and then he's good to go.

Holiday Hugs All
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  1. Matilda was my mother-in-laws. How about Henrietta for your second doll? Both are too cute.

  2. The look like the good and the bad. The attitude just comes through with 'nameless' - maybe Jezebel - hmmmm?

    Glad hubby's procedure went well.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Oh my gosh, you are so funny. Both gals are cuties. That sister sure has such a huge personality. I like the fabric you used on her. Glad your husband is doing well. Maybe the sister needs eye surgery, too?

  4. Marilyn. She looks like a Marilyn to me.

  5. ROFL! Oh Gerry, you are soooo funny! Blonde tart, indeed! Maybe you should call her....Mabel.

    Glad to hear that your hubby's cataract surgery went well....hope the check up is good, too!



  6. I personally like tart. You can always dress it up: Marty Tarty, or some other silly thing. I also like jezebel.


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