Monday, August 30, 2010

What ! ? Another ?

I'm on a roll now ! ! ! !
Second finish in as many days.
Carolina Carry All
Seven pages of instructions
fifty-nine steps of instruction ! ! !
Sounds overwhelming, doesn't it.
I thought so too but found that this is a very easy bag to make.
Having this many steps facilitates the process
even if you have several days or several weeks between sewing stints. I made it a point to stop at the end of one step before I quit for the day.
  By doing so I was able to pick up exactly where I left off.
No time spent trying to figure out where in the pattern I should begin again.
Step by step it was easy to make progress with each sewing session.


I used a couple of really cool batiks with just enough color to keep me smiling.

This bag has a gusset as the bottom and part way up the sides in both the exterior and in the lining.
I love it's baggy style.

Here you can see the 'secret pockets' at the center of either side of the bag between the exterior and lining.

Studio Kat's method of making the handles is one I've never tried so gave her way a try and found it went together easily.
They're long enough to carry on my shoulder or
if I'd rather I could shorten the handles by making a cute knot.

You can see the interior is roomy.
The magnet snap holds it closed.
This bag, like the Simply Chic Carry All, I'll make in a couple of different fabrics.

So . . . . . . .
what's next ?
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  1. Gosh you have been busy! it looks so good though and even big enough to be of some use.

  2. You are on a roll.....don't stop now....I love your happy batik fabrics about as much as I your frenchy music!

  3. Gorgeous bag with lots of secret pockets! Good job, Gerry!

  4. Just adorable....there are alot of go giveaways out there....check out the sidebar of my blog, some new ones....good luck!

  5. love the bag!

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  8. Wow, I really like the fabric you used on your latest purse! Happy!

  9. Gerry, your bag turned out wonderfully! I love it and I love the fabrics you used. You did a great job on it. There'll be no stopping you now! :o)



  10. StudioKat Designs runs a handbag of the month contest. You should enter this pretty bag because it could WIN!

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  12. Trying again to get my pic to show. I do love this bag.

  13. Batik yes!
    I love the look and do use some.
    The bags are wonderful. Great happy colors.
    The songs in French are wow!
    aloha Lilla

  14. What a cheerful looking bag! Batiks are such gorgeous fabrics ... perfect for this purse.

  15. that is a pretty bag Gerry I am envious of your patience , the pockets will be very handy ,the color is wow! thank you for visiting my blog ,take care

  16. Hi Mil! Really love the completed bag. You did a fantastic job. And of course with colors of choice that are bright & cheery. Beautiful work I must say.


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