Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally, A TA-DAAAAA ! ! ! !

I've finally a finished project that I can show you.
Here's my version of the Simply Chic Carry All
that we did in the class at Zede's Sewing Studio in Columbia a couple of weekends ago.

This Simply Chic carryall, I've decided will be used to carry to sewing classes.

The pocket on the front of the carryall is Sun/Moon fabric I've had for some time
- just awaiting a perfect project to show it off.
Here's a great place for me to stash the current class pattern.

The base of the front is corduroy that is years and years old,
I LOVE this beautiful blue - again, awaiting a perfect project.

The back is a really good look at, I love this gorgeous fabric.
I did some quilting - just enough to hold the batt in place.
For the handles I chose fabric rather one of the plastic/pre-made handles
I used a short piece pvc flexi-tubing  on each handle
where my sometimes grubby hands will hold and not soil the handles.

As you can see, the inside has one vinyl zippered pocket.
A place for all my cutting tools - rotary, small scissors, shears, seam rippers, etc.
The fabric zippered pocket at the bottom of the vinyl pocket can hold tape measure,
and my chocolate stash.

On the other side of the inside there's one ruffled pocket
 a great place to store my pre-cut pattern pieces.

The smaller divided pocket at the bottom of the ruffled pocket is divided to hold markers, 6" rulers, a packet of kleenex and other goodies.

This is the front of the removable insert [held in place with velcro]
it has the two larger vinyl zippered pockets
while the bottom half  has a dozen zippered pockets
to hold all my sewing feet.

The removable insert can be hung by it's tab for easy access.
Had to make certain all the pockets opened from the top.  :^}

The reverse side of the insert I decided a couple more pockets were needed
 so added two vinyl zippered pockets and two fabric zippered pockets.

Lots of zippers - a dozen in all! ! !
I used Sullivans Make-A-Zipper for this project.
I was able to cut all these to size and used every zip tab on the reel.

This project used vinyl and lots of zippers. 
While I've put in a zipper or two during my sewing years,
the class instructor gave us a couple of options for inserting 'em.
They were easy-peasy !

This was the first time I've ever sewn vinyl.
Turns out it wasn't all that hard to do.
To my surprize the instructor had us use #12 needles throughout the entire project.
I never would have thought it was big enough to handle sewing through vinyl, fabric and zippers.
But it worked just fine. 
Yep, you read right, I was able to see right over those zipper teeth!
No broken needles.
Easy-breezy ! 

Now, that I've got this first carryall under my belt
and I am pretty well satisfied with it
hmmm, a couple of small things I could improve upon
and will work those out on my next carryalls.
I going to cut at least two more and production line 'em.
Wait 'til you see my fabric choices, yee-haa.

Now that I've shown you mine,

What have you been working on?

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  1. Nice!!!

    You'll have to go to my blog to see my money wrappers AND pot holder from selvages!

    What a great day we've had.....but I'm about to close up shop for the day!

  2. Oh wow....I just love all the close ups and the many ways you are going to use this gorgeous bag....enjoy!

  3. That is a very cool bag, Gerry! I love that sun/moon fabric. (I have some that's similar and I've been holding on to it for just the right project, too!) You did a great job on all those zips! Can't wait to see your next bags!



  4. I AM REALLY IMPRESSED!!!!! And I thought you were just sitting there feeling left out, alone, and ignored. Love the bag (all those zippers). I have to try something like that. I like the idea of the separate little compartments for the 'feet'. They are way too expensive to loose.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. That looks really handy. How big is it? Come by my blog to see why I haven't been sewing! Claire


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