Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Pretty Cool Tote

Look what my friend NancyCap made for me.
It's big enough to carry show-n-tell quilts to guild, with room to spare.

[I'm not doing huge quilts.  Maybe not mini, but some where in between.]
I'll have more than enough room for things to show.

Hmmm, I wonder how many placemats it'll hold.

The Pocket is deep enough to carry my water bottle and whatever.

Now, take a look.

It folds up into it's own pocket.
Isn't that a space saver when it comes to storing it?
I have to admit it took a couple of tries before I got it in there.

This is the Tote in A Pocket's reverse side.

I love the fabric Nancy chose for me.  Antique sewing machines, I love 'em.

Such good Friends.


  1. Wow! This is adorable. You know I am crazy for black and white : )!

  2. Great bag, so practical!! Love the fabric!♥

  3. You are one lucky lady. First the lovely giveaway and now a gift from a friend.Do I see a STRING bag made like the black and white one soon?

  4. Cute tote! I like that fabric. Lucky you!

  5. How lucky are you to have a firend who sends you a gift that is not only useful but says so much about who you are :-)

  6. Great bag and wonderful gifts from the UK. Must seem like Christmas on your side of town.

  7. loving your recent posts, you can also eat yorkshire pudding plain with jam. Not that I do but I have seen it done! :)

  8. Hi there 20 Minuter!
    Popped in to enjoy your blog - and I had a happy little time. :0) You certainly have a very nice friend to send you such a gorgeous tote! I haven't seen that fabric before .... do you know what it is?
    Have a good day,


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