Saturday, March 6, 2010

Package from Yorkshire

Today’s THE DAY ! !
Came home and there it was ! !  
A package from
I won her giveaway and have been anticipating the arrival of her package.
Here’s what I found
- -
brim full of goodies.
Lyn Giveaway Package Brim Full
Lyn’s note card shows picturesque scenes from her part of the country.
Really, a lovely looking area.
Lyn Giveaway So Many Surprizes
Oh, where do I begin ? ? ? ?
Which goodie should be first?
hmmmm -  -  -  -

so many to choose from

Okay, I’ll go according to size from smallest to largest. 
Sounds sensible to me.
Lyn Giveaway A Great Place
I do believe it’s the Union Jack
Lyn Giveaway A Great Place to Live
Lyn Giveaway Should You Ever
Looks like Lyn wants me to feel at home should I do the tourist bit ! !
Lyn Giveaway Should You Ever Come to

This little book is to acquaint me with Yorkshire.  Short little articles/comments about the place and the people.
One comment that particularly caught my attention was this one regarding Yorkshire Pudding
- - - - - - -

I made and served this dish for years before I learned it’s name. 
Now some of you Yorkshire Pudding lovers may cringe when I tell you we usually served it with yogurt and syrup. 
I told you you’d cringe.
Everything I know about it is summed up here
Lyn Giveaway Should You Ever Com to Yorkshire

Some weeks ago I was reading Lyn’s posts when she posted about making Button Hearts 
Oh, my heart skipped a beat or so. 
I fell in Love with them. 
So Dainty, so Cheerful.
You can imagine my surprize when I opened the next gift to find  .  .  . 
One of Lyn’s Button Hearts
FOR ME ! ! ! ! !
I’m in love 
Lyn Giveaway I Love Buttons Really  

The caption on the next gift ‘In bloom all year . . . . ‘
caught my attention. 
Gee, if it was in bloom all year long I’m sure hoping it made it through the mails .
   Lyn Giveaway In bloom

Ohhh, my!  It’s a Gerbera Flower just like the one I saw on
Lyn's Everyday Life Emporium

How did you know, Lyn?
You made mine
Lyn Giveaway In bloom All Year
Thoughtful Lyn even included a neat book to inspire me to do more needlework. 
A great book with instructions for stitch after stitch and idea upon idea. 
Right now it’s bedside so that it’ll be the last I read before dreaming.

Lyn Giveaway Some Bright 
The illustrations are gorgeous.

Lyn Giveaway Some Bright Ideas 
To make certain I’d not forget my nightly inspirations,
Lyn sent along this jazzy journal and pen so 
I can record them.

Lyn Giveaway Make A Note
These are the very wonderful giveaway surprizes from Lyn to me.
Ah-Ha ! ! !  
Lyn Giveaway One More Left

You’re correct, there is one more goodie.
I kept this one for last, not only because it was the largest in size - remember I opened them according to size from little to BIG.
Are you Ready??????

Here it is.
Can you read the tag?
Hmm, whatever could this be???????
Lyn Giveaway A Star is Born

Taaaa Daaaaa ! ! ! ! !
Lyn Giveaway A Star is Born Renee

Some may recognize her.
It’s Renee ! ! !
Look how lovely Lyn has
painted her portrait.
Oh, Lyn, you’ve made her so beautiful.
I love, love, love how you’ve painted her.

Lyn, Thank You from the bottom of my Heart.

I am so lucky to have met some many wonderful, generous, creative, talented, lovely people since I began blogging.
Love and Hugs to each and everyone of you,
Lyn Giveaway In bloom All Year co-ordinates

I know this was a very long post, thanks for sticking with me.
Love ya.


  1. OH you are most welcome!
    I so enjoyed painting Renee, she is a beauty!

  2. What a wonderful giveaway! So thoughtful and lovely. Congratulations!


  3. WOW!! What wonderful gifts. You are very lucky!♥

  4. Bloggers are the most giving and wonderful folks. I'm so glad you got such a great gift!

  5. What a wonderful box of gifts you received! I love how she wrapped each one individually, and so nicely. I agree, bloggers are incredibly kind and generous.

  6. What an awesome giveaway package! It's all just lovely.

  7. You did recieve a wonderful bundle of goddies. The painting of Renee is priceless.

  8. Betty,

    You've described Lyn's portrait of Renee to a T.
    It is Priceless.


  9. Wow! What a treasure of a giveaway!! I think the careful thought and kindness that went into it are just as delightful as the actual gifts themselves!!

  10. What a lovely give-away to win! I liked the way you posted how you opened each gift--lots of anticipation for us to enjoy also!

  11. Hugs to Lyn you made beautiful things for Gerry, especially Renee. And Gerry I know you squealed with delight at those wonderful presents and beamed through the tears at Renee. HUGGIES. Will see those next month at show and tell, right!!!

  12. Sorry to Nancy C, who makes BEAUTIFUL quilts by the way, I didn't mean to leave you off my first comment. I LOVED the convert-a-tote out of the black and white sewing prints, wonderfully handy idea.
    ps now that your snail mail addy is "OUT" there maybe you'll get more goodies in the mail!

  13. What a stunning giveaway you won. I have missed so much over the last week of family. What a great treat for you. So much fun stuff to look at here. Pictures are never too much at making a posting long.

    Off to catch up on others, so far behind on all my reading,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  14. What lovely goodies, Gerry! :-)

    I'm a yorkshire "pudden" fan myself! My family recently visited me from England and I asked them to bring only one thing... a new yorkshire pudding baking tin, for me!

    What a wonderful painting and ribbon brooch! Lucky girl! :-)

    Warm regards! Vikki x


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