Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm happy to say that the project is just about finished ! ! !

The dining room/sewing area is still presentable - no overwhelming stacks of fabric or notions. Though I've not been doing much sewing, just a tad.

The 'Stash Room' is boxed and labeled. I couldn't think with all the clutter. So with many trips to Staples my stash is now boxed according to color, labeled clearly and placed on shelves in some kind of order. UFO's in one area, Orphans in another, Floral, Novelty, Geometrics and on and on are all neat and tidy. The obvious colors are placed on the shelves in 'color-wheel' order and easy to get to.

I can walk in the Stash Room door and not have to step over or move things to get access to my stash.

I'm a happy gal.

I enjoy hearing from all of you and am inspired to get down to the business of actually doing projects.

Since I will be doing a Doll Making Program at our Thimbleberries Club, I decided a couple of new gals to add to the mix is just the thing for my newest project. Just last night I was given some lovely violet lace [nice skirt for one of the new gals] as well as some interesting semi-vintage blanket binding that will do nicely for a dress or two. Can't wait.

Photos will be posted sometime this week so that you can see all that I've accomplished :)

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  1. I'm so jealous about the organization! My craft supplies wouldn't take a lot to get them in check but it's all the projects that have to be done before I can get to that....sigh...give it a few months, maybe...


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