Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fair Isle Practice

Seems I don't have many solid color sock yarn leftovers.
This practice project call for solid color yarn in as many colors possible.
This all I could gather.

I'll work with what I have since this is a practice.
If my swatch turns out decent
and I like the technique 
I'll consider purchasing small skeins of various colors. 

The step after assembling solids is to make two 'magic balls'.
One from the light colors and another from the dark.
These 'magic balls' are made with arms' length of each color. 
The aim is to place pleasing colors next to each other and knot them together to form a small ball.

Here's my light magic ball.

Brandon Mably showed how he knits the yarn ends as he adds each new color,
thus no need to find a darning needle to weave in those pesky ends.
I'll be casting on and knitting a practice swatch.

Photos will follow just as soon as my swatch is far enough along to show some progress.
I think this is going to be a fun practice.

* * *
I don't know whether to think that Spring is actually here or if Mother Nature is playing a trick on us.
The temps yesterday and today are what are called Marvelous.
Mid to high sixties had us opening windows and doors.
The forecasters are saying we'll be able to enjoy such weather for the next seven or so days.
We can only hope.
Heck, we still have snow at the end of our driveway.

hugs 'n smiles


  1. After seeing my post online
    I've got to say,
    "What a piddly amount of solid color yarns ! "

    hugs 'n smiles

  2. It will be interesting to see your practice swatch to know what project lies ahead. I've heard of the magic ball before (I think it was a shawl maybe from Paula of Knitting Pipeline?) Good luck with whatever this endeavor is going to be.

    1. At this point my practice swatch is not a thing of beauty. More practice is needed.
      The 'magic ball' is the using of various color yarns measuring out a certain amount and tying each to the next for form one colorful ball. And I do believe it was Paula/Knitting Pipeline who bright to the main stream social media.
      Really right now I'm learning the technique,
      and learning a bit about choice of contrasting yarns in each light and dark balls interacting.
      I'll bring my swatch, such as it is, next time we meet up.
      hugs 'n smiles

  3. Lovely colours in your magic ball Gerry!
    The sun is shining in our corner this morning after a cold day yesterday...roll on spring!
    Susan x

    1. We were mid-sixties today
      expecting 72 tomorrow afternoon
      Maybe, just maybe Spring may arrive

      Love your blog posts to pieces !!!!!

      hugs'm smiles

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