Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mink and Chasmere

Bare Naked Yarn Club is the idea of
Anne Hansen - knitwear designer.
My most very favorite designer.

The club gave knitters an opportunity to experience knitting with yarns that are in their natural state.
No dyes.
Most of the shipments I've received are of a uncommon source.

Yak from Inner Mongolia
Camel grown and spun in Mongolia
Muga Silk
Natural grown Green Cotton yarn with the Infusion of Copper
Merino wool from MONTANA

This post is about the most recent club shipment.
It's a wonderful yarn that is a blend of 80% Mink and 20% Cashmere and is fairy light.
A dream come true.
Mink, ladies, mink  ! ! ! 

I love the pattern of this scarf designed by Anne Hansen expressly for this Mink/Cashmere blend.

It is now a cowl rather than a scarf.  It suits it better I think.
It measures about 8" by 53" before joined to make it a cowl.

This, too, is to be gifted to a beautiful friend.

Oh, oh, not to fret.  I have another skein of this yummy yarn.
Don't know yet what it will become.

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Have a great evening.

hugs 'n smiles


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! It even looks soft in these photos. What a fortunate friend. You got the joy of knitting it and she will get the joy of wearing it.

    1. Good Morning, Dianna,
      It WAS lovely to knit with and a soft as a Fairy's wing.
      There's still one ball that remains, not certain what it will become.

      Sunny hugs ' Smiles,


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