Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crazy Blogger

Seems like Blogger is being Contrary.

It will not allow me to choose photos to post .

How in the heck can we blog without eye candy????????

Let's give it a try.
[this is where normally there would be several photos]
Have been knitting Hubby sox to replenish his sock drawer.
These seven pair [see pretend photo] were knit between
September and end of January.

These three pair of Waiting for Winter Mittens were knit during that same span.
[photos of one pair of Deep Sea Jelly Fish colorway, two in charcoal gray]
They are as simple as ever.
Just Like Sox !!
Except for the thumb and it is shorter than the normal sock, thus less yarn needed.
I loved making these for Hubby, and both Daughters.

Four knit hats were also knit.
{see photo, oopps, forgot, Blogger is being mean to bloggers}

One hat each in:
Gold-ish Green
Barley colored
Grasshopper Green
Denim Blue

ALL FOR ME ! ! ! 

For you Rav-ers these Projects are on
my Ravelry Project Page  click here.

For those who are not,
Ravelry is a knitting community with over FIVE MILLION MEMBERS worldwide. 
If you've an interest in knitting, crocheting, or any of the fibre related crafts give it a try by clicking 

Here you'll be asked to either Log In or Sign Up
Hey, give it a try.  Membership is FREE ! ! ! 

So this is what it's like to post without photos.

WAKE UP BLOGGER we want photos ! ! ! ! 

Hugs 'n Smiles


  1. Dang right we want pictures!!! Thanks for the link to your project pages. Everything looks great. I hope to see more as you knit since Blogger is working for the moment.

    1. Dianna, there are several more projects awaiting to be ‘showed off'
      I've been very delinquent in keeping currat.

      Hugs 'n Smiles

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday and am thrilled to see you in this space today!

    1. I think of you often as well.
      Have been missing contact with old-time blogger Friends.
      Our daughter-in-law made us Fig Jam from her trees.
      Thanks for educating me ref. Eating figs fresh from the tree. LOL LOL

      Thanks for remembering me.

      Hugs 'n Smiles


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