Sunday, August 10, 2014

Feminine 'n Frilly

It's FINISHED. ! !

All 1,250 yards of it.

A fab crocheted afghan.

Inspired by


Hostess of her own knitting podcast

'Postively Knitting'

On You Tube.

Last Suumer/Autumn she began AND finished!

a Gorgeous afghan

in sooo loverly feminine colors.

I HAD to have one!

Nicole could not be convinenced to part with her's


she graciously pointed me in the direction of the pattern she used.

I am tickled to have mine finished well ahead of any chill in the air arrives.


Our Summer has been the coolest in as long as we've lived here.

Not as much rain as we'd like, or need,

but moderate temps and no humidity until today

when it reached 93%.

I hope you your's has been as nice.



  1. A is OK. I presume this is acrylic since Nicole's was. It turned out great and I know you will enjoy using this but I really hope that is many months off. My summer is the same as yours; go figure!

    1. This frilly’n feminine afghan is gonna get a lot of use
      So the more resilent the better :-)
      Seems like we're getting more delightful days this week.
      I'm lovin' it ‼️‼️


  2. Love it! It begs for a mug of hot chocolate! In several months, of course.

    1. This afghan does entire a day of snuggling
      And right along with that hot coca
      A BIG BOX of chocolates.

      Well, I can dream, right?


  3. Wow! This is impressive! Congratulations on finishing it. I hope you enjoy it. I'm ready for fall and this will definitely keep you warm on chilly nights!

    1. Hey, Abbie, thanks for finding my blog
      AND ESPECIALLY for taking time to Comment ‼️
      Frilly 'n Feminine is going to be a wonderful snuggly.

  4. What a great afghan to snuggle with while reading a favorite book or watching a great movie once the weather gets cooler.


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