Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quilt Guild Sponsored Paper-piecing Class

We all assembled promptly at nine a.m. this morning.

Lots of room to spread out.

Our goal was to complete four blocks by end of class.

Deb and Bev discussing the fun of paper-piecing.

(Deb and I have a blast taking classes together.)

Checking the placement of the next piece.

My four complete blocks


By the stroke of high noon.

Okay, it might have be just o a few

Minutes after the last stoke.

Not certain how I'll finish this

Classroom project

By Quilt Guild Tuesday evening.


How is this summer treating ya?

Yesterday's high of 91°F

Wasn't bad at all.

But today's 91°F

Sure enough heated the car up

To the extreme by the time class ended at noon-ish.

Must remember to crack a couple of windows while I'm parked next time.


Must put on my creative cap

For a finish to my paper-piecing

'til next time





  1. Thanks for sharing the pics from the class. So glad you & D had a great morning. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this project.

    1. Will work on the project tomorrow
      Meanwhile thoughts of finishing details dance through my head


  2. You'll be soon sewing 1-1/2 inch quilt charm like me!!

    Good job, I love your colors.

    1. After this morning's class there are certainly enough slivers of fabric
      To 'whip up' a batch of charms !!!! NOT! ! !
      I'll leave that up to you, gal


  3. Cute block. Looks like the knitting needles will have a short rest.

    1. Needles are now sharing time with other projects :-)


  4. Replies
    1. We had a great time we had.
      Great instructors, great space and lighting
      And, Deb's block is spectacular !!!!!!

  5. Love your block Gerry, I LOVE paper piecing, it's so precise and neat isn't it! xxx

  6. I'm not huge PP fan but it seems you had a good time!


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