Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gathering and Sorting

Gathering my embroidery paraphernalia

For an online

Rebecca Ringquist Embroidery Workshop.

This workshop is just what I need to get back to my flosses and Perle cotton.

Have been able to scrounge enough embroidery and tapestry needles so that a trip to Jo-Ann's won't be necessary.

There's more than enough DMC here to last for a

VERY long time.

Am looking forward

To threading some needles this evening.

Now, then,

Which colors are first ! ! ? ?

Ahh, rain!

There's half an inch in the gauge since 4:30 this morning!!




  1. I must say I was surprised to see something besides yarn in your future. It will be fun to see what you are up to. I have about every color of DMC floss that was available in the 90's so if you need a color you don't have I will share.

    1. We certainly must be twins. I, too, have EVERY DMC Floss color current up to about five years ago.
      Plus a very nice collection of DMC Perle Cotton colors
      I'll keep your generous offer in mind.


    2. Hmmmmm, I posted a reply here but it has not appeared
      So I'll give it another try, Dianna.

      Thanks for your generous offer
      However, I also have a complete collection of DMC Floss
      That was current up to about five years ago.
      Plus, I have quite a collection of DMC Perle Cotton
      We certainly do think alike
      Din't we


    3. Oh, sure
      Now it turns up
      LOL. LOL

  2. I'm gonna love your change of pace. When it rains, it pours (floss, that is.)

    1. So, here I am, Marty,
      Gathering, sorting and now arranging floss, needles scissors, and the like
      To be in one place while I stitch away

      It has been several since the embroidery hoops have been out,
      The riot of colors have been calling to me!


  3. If you ever need a kit, let me know. I have a trunk full of embroidery kits, I'll probably never make.
    Some are counted cross stitch, some are crewel embroidery.

    1. Thanks for the offer, gal.
      I'll keep it in mind.

      Now that I'm have organized
      More time to play with color



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