Friday, January 24, 2014

Stitch Surfer Sox

Diane/Knitabulls video tutorials for knitting the

Stitch Surfer Sock is GREAT!

I am finished with the first video tutorial

And ready to begin the second.




  1. That is the neatest sock pattern!!! I will enjoy your progress!

    1. Thank Goodness for Diane/Knitabulls video tutorials
      Sure takes the unsurity away

      I've finished the first 'Surf Left'
      So will post progress later today, Paula.

      You should totally give it a try.

      Knotty Deep Winter 2009 Louise Robert


  2. Squeeeeeeee!!! I am so excited to know you have started these socks. I knew you couldn't hold out much longer. I thought the solid yarn was blue but it looks purple in this photo. Either way I think you will love the socks. Diane's video is excellent so you should have no trouble getting through the pattern. Of course you will have to knit a second sock but I truly think that is the best way to knit this pattern. I tried doing them 2-at-a-time and keeping the yarn separate wasn't the only issue. Remembering the contrast yarn from sock to sock was difficult since it was different on both socks. I will make another pair but not right away. Love seeing your progress. Keep Surfing!!!

  3. Now that Chambray Cardi is finished
    The Stitch Surfers sox were next in my Queue
    I've been waiting to have time to cast them on

    Diane/knitabulls instructions have enabled me to get started without a hitch

    Can't wait to wear 'em with each of my new sweaters

    Hug, Dianna, have a great week


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