Sunday, January 5, 2014

Six Miles

During Two Thousand Thirteen
SIX MILES OF YARN has passed through my needles

Not as many miles as the previous year's ten miles

but still that's a whole lotta miles.

That ten thousand, five hundred sixty yards made:

10 pair of sox

6 shawls

3 cowls

1 pullover sweater

numerous dish cloths/spa clothes



10,560 yards


It has been snowin' and blowin' since late last night

Time for a cup of java



  1. I do believe I will stay in today. Plan on starting an afghan "Yggdrasil". Prayers I can follow a chart!!
    there's a KAL on Ravelry for this.

    1. Casting on from the center out sounds like something you would do
      What size are you thing of doing?
      What ?cotton? Will you use?

      These negative temps are something, aren't they,
      Warm hugs

    2. I plan on the baby blanket size. Caron simply soft. it's washable, and so soft!!!

    3. Is the entire yggdrasil knit in the baby version??
      If so, what size needles used in baby version verses afghan version?


    4. There are 3 different sizes. when you're up to the end of the first braid, you BO, if you want it larger you do Stockinette, then border; if largest, another stockinette section then final braid. I haven't started yet. Probably do size 11. I think it's "loose" gauge to take care of all the cables (ugh). That's my reasoning anyway. Swatch on size 9 was not right gauge, so I know I have to move up a size or 2.

    5. I see there were some who modified the design
      Even one who may have interpreted rather nicely
      Depends on what definition of Ydddrasil is on one's mind while knitting it I suppose
      Am anxious to follow your progress

      Hey, what color?

      Stitch definition is good using the featured yarn

    6. Btw, how will you handle the chart with those numerous 'cable stitch' changes?
      My method is to color code so just a glance tells me which stitch is next
      And, of course
      Stitch markers are my friends. :-)

  2. You've still kept those needles moving even though you knit less than the previous year. There is no need to hang your head in shame 8^). Seriously, that's a lot of knittin'!!! Joe and I were outside yesterday for over two hours in that extreme cold clearing the driveway and our deck. I opted to do the deck while Joe did the screened in porch. The snow sifted in so everything was covered in snow ( less than an inch but still it needed to be moved). We both worked on the driveway and steps to the front door. I wonder if the sun will be able to melt anything today?

    1. Not certain how much melting will happen with these negative temps
      But, any amount of sunshine we get is certainly welcomed
      After all
      June isn't that far away.

  3. What a great accomplisment ~ six miles?! I'm in awe.

    1. Thanks, Evelyn
      My proud achievement is my cardi
      I just love wearing it

      But if there is AWE
      it is your magic with knitting needles
      Everything I've seen of your's is inspiring, Evelyn

      How is the SNOW situation in your neighborhood?
      We're at -8°
      Oh, Baby, it's cold outside



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