Friday, December 13, 2013

What A Way To Start The Day ! ! !

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Oh, What a Beautiful Day ! ! ! 
Temp is 26 degrees, feels like 17
With a Wintery mix of Precip expected later.

What better way to start a winter day than to Carmelize a pan of Onions?
Wonderful accent to our Soup at Lunchtime  ! ! ! 

Perhaps before the weather arrives,
we'll be able to get in a trip to 
our local Barnes & Noble
for a cup of Americana 
and a Holiday Sugar Cookie

Maybe even a chance to use B&N 25% off coupon!

Enjoy these Winter days ! ! ! 


♥  ♥ ♥


  1. No worm for me (I'm not an early bird like you). My eyes were not open when that gorgeous sunset appeared. They are barely open now!!! Those onions look wonderful so I know the soup will taste yummy. We want to venture out too but might wait until later when the temps is above freezing. Look like that darn rain is going to be here all day.

    1. It was a very beautiful sky !!
      a "red sky in the morning,
      Sailor's warning"

      We, too, will watch the weather
      Don't like anything like icy weather

      Eyes to the sky


  2. Love the pictures. I was up before sunrise, but missed it; probably working on my lace!!!
    Be safe going out!

    1. The entire was aglow with a red-ish peach. Glorious !!!!

      Stayed home - while it was not icy in our neighborhood
      It was in other parts of town
      It'll be interesting overnite.



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