Friday, December 27, 2013


Lots of swatching goin' on 'round here.

I've been checking for stitch gauge and for the feel of the fabric

For my next CustomFit cardigan

It's another stockinette sweater

This time with a cable design next to the button band.

The design comes from a sweater pattern in the winter edition of Knitter's magazine

That I'd been browsing at Barnes & Noble.

It just popped right out at me.

Am going BLUE for a change.


The sun is shining,

Temp is up

And it's time for lunch




  1. This post is being composed and published using
    A new-to-me app. ---- Blogsy
    Using my iPad rather than my pc laptop

    Not exactly to my satisfaction, but not too bad being able to blog via iPad.

    I'll do a bit more playing with it before deciding it is the app for me


  2. Love the color of this sweater and the pattern is fab. You will have to keep a real close eye on it when you are around me.

    1. Yikes, gal, BLUE is a fave of yours

      Just know this, Dianna, i will not show you more than one section of this sweater at any one time
      Not taking any chances that you gain possession of the entire cardi

      happy holiday hugs

  3. Love the color!!! It should look fabulous on you!!!

    1. Blue is not prevalent in my wardrobe
      . . . At the moment


  4. Love the yarn color, however, the loopy design is intriguing.
    Again, you will have loads of fun making this sweater.
    Hugs, Happy New Year!


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