Monday, August 26, 2013


After finishing knitting and blocking
my Camp Loopy Project Three
Challenge was met.
Challenge being: knit any project using 800 yds

Here's my Gray Garden Shawl
designed by Anne Hansen
as it is blocking
I met the challenge PLUS 65 yards
for a total of 865 yards of
Shalimar Breathless
in Waterchestnut colorway


There will be glamour shots shortly

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

After dinner
there was time for some
'mindless' knitting

Isn't this colorful ! ! ! ! 

Sugar n Cream cotton in Rainbow colorway

Perhaps the beginning of  a Spa Basket 
for gifting in the upcoming months????

~   ~   ~   ~   ~  ~

Well Kids,
Summer has arrived 
here in mid-Missouri

Not terribly hot and miserable
but definitely WARM.

With lots of big clouds masking Mr Sol
giving relief from his intense attempt to fry everything.

Sat outside knitting another spa cloth for almost an hour but did not break a sweat.
So I am happy as can be with our Summer weather.

Take care ! ! ! !
theme for the next week
- -
Water and Sun Screen

+    +   +    +    +    +


♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪


  1. Wow Gerry - I see you are still making beautiful shawls!! I treasure the one you made for me! :-)
    We are just coming in to Spring in Melbourne... looking forward to some warmer weather to get out in the garden... but it's lovely right now because there isn't that intense heat that summer brings. All good stuff! Lots of love! Vikki xoxo

    1. Oh My Gosh, Vikki
      Just yesterday I was re-skeining my leftover yarn scraps
      Among them was the very yarn used for your shawl
      And thought how I love the feel and color
      How is that for Serendipity

      We are just now having hot days
      The entire summer
      Up to now has been very pleasant
      This entire week is supposed to be Hot

      This late into the season
      We will be having Autumn before too long

      So very nice to hear from you, Vikki

      Many Hugs

  2. I am in love with yet another shawl!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Wonderful to wrap up in this fall. Love the rainbow colors in the washcloth,too!

  3. Your shawl is stunning!!! I bet you enjoyed the mindless knitting on GF cloth after knitting 865 yards of gorgeous. the spa basket looks nice as well as the cloth. To me it's too darn HOT!!! But we know that will change soon even if we are blessed with an Indian Summer.

    1. Dianna, thank you for your compliment.
      Yes, you're right ! ! I enjoyed the repetition of this cotton spa cloth and most certainly the COLOR ! ! ! !

      Though it is sunny, Still think it's a good day to sit out side for a while and knit a few rows. But not without an icy glass of summertime refreshment. Finally an August day - - - - or two. Okay, Okay an August week or so :^)


  4. I can always depend on an Anne Hansen design to give me a wonderful FO
    This pattern was the tops
    not a rest row to be had
    Pattern changes with every row.

    But well worth the 865 yards of Challenge.

    thanks for stopping by, Paula


  5. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful. I admire your knitting talent. The spa cloth is more my speed.

    1. My 'talent' in this case is

      it just takes perseverance, Betty

      lots of hours put in between me and my needle

      Oh, that spa cloth
      great interlude



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