Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flower Pots

Just putting the finishing touches on this tumblerblock practice piece.
Think it'll turn out to be a wallhanging for a Friend.

The flowers and the tumbler blocks 
are cut from Accquilt GO! dies.

The flowers 'n stems are appliqu├ęd using
an iron-on fusible.

Accents are watercolor pencils


Apparently, the design wall will have to be put up again so I can get some decent shots.

Oh, well



  1. It is another practice piece using more of the GO! Die cut Tumbler blocks cut from scraps
    I hand sewed the binding on the reverse side

    My Friend is an avid gardener and i'm so hoping she has a gardening/potting shed to display this piece, Paula.

    Thanks for the compliment as I am quite proud of it.


  2. Replies
    1. It was lots of fun
      Trying all kinds of fun
      Now to be sent to a Friend from childhood days


  3. Wow Gerry, you are just producing craft after craft! You are amazing!

    1. Well, you know if I set my yarn and needles aside for a while
      Lots of different projects catch my attention

      And, Ivy thank you for your compliment


  4. Mighty attractive wall hanging for your lucky friend!

    1. I love to think it could hang in her Potting Shed

      Oh, dream on, Gerry

      Any off it'll be via usps


  5. Replies
    1. Love to let my imagination do it's thing.

      Plus how we love our fusible web and watercolor pencils


  6. Is creative your middle name? What a great idea for those tumbler blocks. Of course it looks like a flower pot (but I didn't think of it!!!) Colors make all the difference. Great job with the painted accents. The flowers look real.

    1. Well, Dianna, "C" is my middle initial. :-)

      The flower parts and pieces are GO! Die cut as are the tumblers.
      Mt fused flowers are mphasized using my doll-making watercolr colored pencils

      Sooo much fun, I love it.

      Your compliments are warmly appreciated, Sweet Friend



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