Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ernie Sox

How do ya like my knitting basket?
Bought him the other day while we were at the grocery store.
You know I'll do anything to postpone serious grocery shopping.

Anyhoo, I've made
Concentrated Progress 

Cookie A's Sock Club Ernie Sox
For Hubby, of course.

Oh! Thought I'd show you the inside of the heels
that are worked with a slip stitch
that seems to
reinforce the heel somewhat

*  *  *  *
In the couple of hours since I took these pics
the heel turns are completed

and, I'm just beginning the gusset section before reaching the foot.
-  -  -
I'm hoping to finish this pair before too many days pass.
It's a fairly easy eight row repeat with 
every other heel row decreases.

K1, ssk, K to within last three sts, K2tog, K1


Temp reached LOVERLY ! ! ! ! 68 degrees today.



  1. You bought the monkey at the grocery store? So cute!!

    Hoppy Easter!

  2. Hoppy Easter right back at cha, Patti.

    Yep, Gerbes

    Anything to keep from actually grocery shopping
    though we did come home with several bags full LOL LOL


  3. Wow it really warmed up there! And you are really moving along with those socks, he is sure to love them!

    1. Can you belive it!!! Not even noon and it's wonderful out.

      Doors will be open today. Ahhh, fresh air!!!!!!


  4. Hehehe - love your knitting basket!

    1. Isn't he a cutie?

      Love it as I carry it from room to room


  5. Now that's what I call monkey business. Don't let Paula see this if you want to keep it!!! Socks will be done pronto if I know you.

    1. There was No Monkey Business yesterday when it came to these Ernie sox

      Am just completing the heel gusset decreases
      Then only the remainder of the foot and BIND OGG !!!!!!!'m


  6. Socks are gorgeous, but I want the basket!!!! I love monkey sock anything. Which store, and I'll get me one!!!

  7. I LOVE the monkey and socks.They are so fantastic.
    Till next time,
    Marie Antionette


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