Friday, February 22, 2013

The Day After

Twinings Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast
Tazo Organic Chai or Green Ginger

Care to join  me in a cup of tea?

Temp is a mild 29 degrees F with a bit of wind.
Not such a bad day, I'd say.

Still a lovely day to be inside tending to 
our pots of soups on the stove top.
And utmost, our handwork.
Embroidery, wool felt appliqué, 
crocheting, spinning,
or reading a good book,
your choice. 

But, do, join me in a cup of tea 
I L♥VE your company and conversation.

I'll pot the kettle on.

I braved the cold
to measure the driveway snow.
It's okay, it's a dry snow!

Keep your feet warm.



  1. I would venture out, but alas, I won't. I'll enjoy virtual tea with you. Off to work on the LAST baby present (I hope)

  2. I would love to sit, knit and drink cups of hot tea with you, just let me grab my bag and I'll be right over!
    Love you!

  3. Love your tea pots! They are the cutest!
    Only four inches of snow! We have nine inches of the heavy stuff!
    Stay warm and keep knitting!

  4. I'll bring some Red Rose Tea, that's my favorite.

  5. How cute are those tea pots. I just came in from clearing the snow off of our deck. I think it was a foot deep on places, it blew off of the roof. Now I am ready for a cup of warm tea.

  6. Earl Grey, please with 4 lumps of sugar 8^) Are those miniature tea pots? They are so cute. Our snow was powdery with a little crust on top when the sleet arrived after the snow. We had about the same amount as you however there were some larger drifts here and there. I'm ready for spring even though the snow is pretty. We had HUGE 2 inch flakes for about 15 minutes when it started to snow. They soon changed to normal size but they were so amazing to see.

  7. It seems like the whole country is getting loads of snow! Snow makes knitting even more wonderful, especially when you don't have to leave home. Of course comforting teas always help as well!

    1. Sounds like you are talking Thai with your references to chai and green ginger. No snow here in Chiang Mai.

      Just went around a bit of the country by bus and in one place I stopped for a couple of days I thought I saw a woman knitting. It turned out that sh was crocheting. She had several skanes(?) of yarn with her and she did knit. However the skane she was knitting from looked like knitting yarn but was very light in weight and of a very nice lively shade of red..

      It strikes me that there may be interesting yarns here, even those containing silk..

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