Friday, October 19, 2012

Sox & Cowl

Add another pair to my sock drawer!

Meet Molly Weasley 
a fantastic colorway
hand-dyed by Amanda of GnomeAcres
When I caught a glance of
Amanda's colors
I knew I had to have ! ! ! 

Her Arthur Weasley colorway
is now in the midst 
of becoming a cowl. 

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Speaking of cowls,
how 'bout this cowl!

Can't get enough of this wonderful Saffron color from MadelineTosh yarns.

As you can see by my 
KnitMeters on the sidebar
I've been a knittin' this calendar year.
I'm amazed by these totals!


Summer has gone away. .  .  .  .
Our weather is, well, 

Just enough of cooler temps 
to have us digging out 
a sweater or a hoodie. 

Leaves cover the driveways, 
as well as the entire yard - 
both front and back,

There's been a crack or two of thunder 
along with a bit of rain,

gusty winds causing mini leaf storms.

Thoughts of a nice hot cup of 
- - -
well, you fill in the blank 
- - -
dark roasted coffee?

a robust black tea?

or perhaps a pungent herbal tea?

spicy mulled cider in a mug?

How 'bout a
spicy pumpkin mocha topped with whipped cream 
with just a sprinkle of nutmeg?

we could add a warm Apple Tart !!!

We'll be bringing out the knit hats soon,
very soon.

Enjoy our Autumn 



  1. Ooh, I haven't seen the Saffron colorway yet -- I don't think I'll be able to resist it when I do! I'd like a latte with that apple tart, please! Lovely socks and cowl, G!

    1. I'm still very much in love with the MadTosh Saffron
      it's a yummy color, Evelyn


  2. Feels nice to finally have some cooler temps, doesn't it? Especially for us knitters!

    1. Oh, Gail, we've had cooler weather
      BUT yesterday and today in the mid-80s
      can you believe it? !!!


  3. I've been out and about this morning and wish I had a warm jacket, that air is sharp. I'll take a cup of hot tea with a scone as my treat. You wear that cowl very well.

    1. How 'bout the weather we're having this week.
      The mid-80's and the knits are back on the shelf, aren't they Betty.

  4. Socks look great and so does that cowl. Looking forward to seeing the cowl at KN. A cuppa tea for me.

    1. Earl Grey or Chai, Dianna.
      Hope to bring some show-n-tell to knit knight.


  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! Love the cowl color...there's something about saffron.

    1. It is a glorious color that has caught both my eye and heart, Paula.


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