Thursday, September 13, 2012

A striped Finished Pair

Wore these yesterday and let me tell ya
they feel good ! ! ! 
And are they every LOUD.

The remaining yarn
I'm knitting fingerless mitts knowing 
they'll be as loud
and these sox.  
What fun ! ! ! 


Threw this knit hat into the mix just for the fun it.
Finished it in record time and was able
get over the the post office on Tuesday in time for DD#1's birthday.
It's being delivered today! ! !
Is that USPS fast, or what.

Happy Birthday, girl!  
How old are you?????
heh heh heh

It's knit with Fibernymph Dyeworks' Snuggles base 
Aran weight / 10 ply
80% Wool, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere

I joined Fibernymph's Yarn Club earlier this year and received some lovely skeins, this included.

Lovely to knit with, soft and squishy !!!
It knit up into a great snugglely winter hat.

Between this hat and the stripe sox 
2012 current total of yarn knit:
12,750 yards
7.24 miles


I re-photographed these two
knits just because I think it makes my new styrofoam head look beautiful ! ! ! 
; - )



  1. Keep those war socks handy, I think we will go from summer to winter real quick!!

    1. Oh, Patti, what are you saying?????

      Well, I do have a lot of shawls and fingerless mitts I could wear. But not if the driving conditions are horrid.

      I just wish we'd get some rain from these clouds.


  2. I get happy just seeing photos of those socks, I'll bet they are even more cheerful in real life! I'm loving the warm, colorful hats!

    1. Ivy, they're a dream to wear. I wore them yesterday afternoon to lunch with my quilters-turned-knitters pals, they were so loud peeking out from my cuffs. Yikers ! ! ! !

      Are you going to need as many warm things this year??????


  3. Loud but fun! Your foam head looks lovely in her new hat and cowl ;-)

    1. Will need my new head to block the hooded scarf so we won't have a pointy pixie hood. I think It'll be a good investment.


  4. We can spot you in a crowd with these "Happy" socks.
    Your new foam head needs a little makeup.:-)

    1. Are you applying for the job of doing her make-up, Betty????

      However, I thing we'll need to wait 'til she gets a head of hair so we can know her coloring. Unless we go with pink with a chartreuse streak.


  5. Your knits always put a smile on my face! Awesome work, G! xxoo

    1. This yarn is from a new-to-me indie dyer in AZ
      her colors are so vibrant
      and worked up into a great sock

      Hey, Evelyn all I did was knit a Plain Vanilla Sock with the dyer having done all the work.

      A smile is always super nice.


  6. Everything looks great. What a difference it makes to see the hats and cowls displayed on the styrofoam head. I have a feeling she won't be without make-up for long.

    1. OMgawd, she seems to be terribly popular.

      She could use some eyebrows :^)


  7. Love all your creations!!!!! Back home safe; didn't get a lick of sewing done, but had a FABULOUS time!!!!
    Where did you get the styrofoam head? Might be a good investmest. wonder if they make feet and hands, too?

    1. Didn't see any feet or hands, but love the idea! ! ! !
      However, they did have three male heads with their noses bitten off.

      Found my head in HL



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