Monday, May 28, 2012

Spontaneous Scrappy Sox

I've been 'enabled'!
have convinced me to join
Susan B Anderson's 
They are knitting Patchwork Socks.

I had been toying with the idea of using my sock yarn leftovers to make some sox anyway.
So thought, why not.  
Decided to join Mel, Nicole and all those other Ravelers with a like mind who are knitting with leftovers to make their Patchwork sox.

For my pair, I knit a toe-up stockinett sock with an afterthought heel.
However, just for the Challenge of it - 
I knit this pair one at a time magic loop.
First time in recent memory that I've done that.
They flew off my needle - 
cast on last Monday and finished today!!!  
Zoom, zoom

Oh, before I forget
I want to let you know that
Nicole is a video podcaster.
you can find her episodes by following this link.
She's what I would call a 'spontaneous knitter' with a positive attitude
and a great sense of humor.

Susan B. Anderson designs knits.
Many of the participants in her Patchwork Socks KAL are using her How I Knit Socks blog post.
Or you can follow this link directly to the post. 

Just as soon as I publish this post I am going to print out Susan's post so I can follow her method for my next pair of Patchwork Socks.
Always up for another method of knitting heels.

In the meantime,
as everyone must be aware
Sunday was the first day of
Camp Loopy

Being the good camper that I am
I cast on Project 1
first thing in the morning and have made a little progress.
Had to finish my sox before I can concentrate on The Hogwarts Express Shawl.
You Harry Potter fans will recognize the 'hogwarts' reference.
This evening will be spend knitting on Hogwarts.

Here it is, the end of the Memorial Day Weekend with a return to the rest of the week tomorrow 
Each of us with thoughts of the great three-day holiday.

We spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with
DD#2.  What a way to spend the day.
Good Times with lots of laughter.

Hope your memories will carry you though 'til our next three day holiday
or even 4th of July holiday.

hugs to each of you
♥ ♥ ♥

hmmm, blogger may not be playing nice today


  1. They came out absolutely wonderful!!!!!
    Great job!
    Can't wait to see the Hogwarts.

  2. Those socks are one of the most adorable (and creative) pair of socks I have ever seen before! Wear them proudly!

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment. This is the first time I've made sox without planning and planning and planning. Just grabbed and knitted away.

  3. Super cute Gerry! I would call them Dr. Suess socks! :)
    Glad you had fun with your daughter, it's always a good day when there is laughter!
    Happy knitting!

    1. There'll be another pair of scrappy socks on my needle before too long,
      Tracey. There's not stopping me.
      Laughter is the best, isn't it?

  4. Love those colorful socks! They don't get any cuter than that pair.

  5. Those are such happy socks! Love!

    1. Such a blast to knit. However, I want brighter colors.
      Must sift through my other Stashes of leftovers.

  6. Wowzer, what great socks. Makes me want to give it a go.

    1. D, they're a blast to make.
      As I linked in my post 'womaninashoe' and 'nicole' encouraged me to join the group and, mercy. What enthusiasm this bunch of sock knitters have.

  7. What wonderful socks, G. I just read your reply to Gail and thought to myself "G wants brighter socks??" You put my dull stash to shame!

    1. Hubby stated today: 'What you want is LOUD sox!
      What can we say, Hubby KNOWS me.

      I'm dreaming of how I can make my 'louder' colors a wee bit LOUDER ! !


  8. Your socks look wonderful!! I keep adding to my bag of leftovers but one day I should really start a project with them.

    I watched Positively Knitting the other just reminded me to go check out Susan B. Anderson, which I had meant to do. Love getting enabled. ;)

    Have a great week! Cheers veelau

    1. Gads, gal, now all I want to do is sort out all my 'loudest' colors from the mid-tones. I think I'll be casting on yet another sock [using SusanA's 'How I make a Sock' tut] this evening. hmmm, just so I have something on the needle 8^)

  9. Love the socks and have never heard of Camp Loopy. What am I missing?

    1. Kristen, thanks for stopping by. Oh, I love knitting these scrappy sox. What fun, just grab a new ball of yarn and knit.
      Well, now, Camp Loopy. Camp Loopy is the idea of Sheri of The Loopy Ewe
      you can learn all about it here:
      there is The Loopy Ewe's Rav Group 'Loopy Groupies' here:

      Let me stop here to say, The Loopy Ewe is a wonderful place to shop for all your yarnie needs. Sheri's brick and mortar store is located in Colorado [Ft. Collins, if I'm not mistaken] and her online store.

      Basically, Camp Loopy is a virtural summer camp. We are issued a new challenge each month. June, July and August. Last summer our Project One was to knit using two different skeins of yarn. The next was to knit using a minimum of 800 yards of yarn. The final project was to knit an item using cables within the pattern.
      Our 'reward' for finishing all three project by each deadline and uploading our photos to The Loopy Ewe Photo Gallery was a skein of Wollmeise yarn plus other goodies.
      A good time was had by all.
      by all means, Kristen, read Sheri's blog post, you might just become a Camp Loopy camper.

  10. Those socks look like they were a lot of fun!

    1. So much fun that I've cast on the first sock of a SECOND pair.
      I'll blog in a day or so to show you all.


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