Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's 2012, did ya know?


how is everybody?


Hope your holidays were as anticipated.


We had a TERRIFIC time here.
Older Daughter and Older Brother 
came for the holidays
we had a high ol' family time.

Guess you all heard by now,
it's 2012


Is this the year to make resolutions??
Or Not ! ! ! 

Everyone is going GREEN
- - - - - - - - -
No, I not vowing to go GREEN in oh-twelve
but will make an effort to de-clutter and de-stash.
Perhaps I should go with
the FIFO method.
First In, First Out
Or, maybe the alpha-numeric method.
The first quarter of oh-twelve would be concentrated on all items beginning with A-F 
or items numbering more than 2-4
- - - - naw, takes tooooo much thought.
I hope to make my life simpler in 2012.
Less is more.


What do you think of 
I knit it with the same yarn as my most recent giveaway.

in the very beautiful Tequila colorway.

Happy 2012 !
this loverly knit-by-me shawlette
could be YOURS
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on Saturday January 7
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on Monday, January 9
remember to leave a way for me to contact YOU!
Good Luck ! ! ! 


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  1. Oh Gerry, I have missed you! Yes, it's 2012! Isn't that just wonderful.
    Hope all your holiday wishes came true and I can't wait to see what all you come up with this year.
    Much love!

  2. I love that shawl color! It looks very cheery for winter.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Hey there, Gerry! I loved reading your post and thoughts on 2012....you must have read my thoughts because I've been thinking along similar lines. You know what they say about "great minds" and all! LOL!!! And I'm with you...going to try to simplify my life this year...less IS more!

    Love that shawlette! It's just gorgeous, as is everything else made-by-you!

    Chat really soon!



  4. Glad you had a wonderful holiday! You are so generous to give away such a lovely piece of handwork! I'm in awe!

    I'm hoping to simplify too in 2012 :-)

    hugs back at 'ya!

  5. Thanks for letting us know that it's 2012:) What a lovely shawlette! Thanks for this generous giveaway! Happy 2012!

  6. Happy 2012 gorgeous girl!!!

    I'm going to de-clutter too sweetie, and get organised!! (must look that up in the dictionary first though, as have forgotten what it actually means!!!) I'm inspired and excited and looking forward to all the creative goodness that I know this year will bring for each of us!!

    big hugs sweetie!
    Vikki xoxoxoox

  7. Welcome to 2012!
    I too am decluttering. I have a bunch to take to the resell it Lutheran shop on Washington street!

    Happy crafting this year!

  8. I need to declutter as well but don't even know where to start.
    Your shawlette turned out very nice.
    What is next on your list?

  9. Decluttering is a good thing and one of my goals too. The shawlette is devine. You are soooooooo generous to give it away. What is your hubby's favorite pie (thought I could bribe him 8^)

  10. Hi Gerry! Hope you had a good last couple of weeks. Decluttering is good unless you're like me and just start accumulating again:) Your shawl is cute and good luck to us all. I'd still love a pair of your socks, do you sell them? On to a great oh twelve!

  11. Woo hoo! So glad to see you back in blogland. Holidays were lovely but not enough downtime. Still, I did get a heck of a lot of knitting done. Declutter and destash ... I'm right behind you! Lovely shawlette (pick me) ... and Happy New Year to you, dear friend!

  12. Can't wait to see if my luck changes!! Gorgeous shawlette! I hope you got rested up.

  13. Good to see your long post and hear that you had a grand family holiday.
    You've done it again--made a gorgeous shawlette from beautiful yarn. I have considered trying the Saroyan because of its interesting shape.