Saturday, October 22, 2011


Another FO

Finished this 
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a couple of weeks ago.

Blocked it right off 

have been slow in blogging it.

Wingspan 50"
Spine 22"

Knit with: 


Both in Fingering weight

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Making excellent headway on
les Abeilles IV
am on Row 16 of 40 in Chart A

Chart B has about the same number of rows.

However, since this shawl is knit from the bottom edge toward the neck
each and every row is a decrease row.

The cast on for the first three les Abeilles was 242 sts.
the last row of Chart A had 158 sts.

The current shawl had 318 sts cast on.

Chart B is worked for another forty or so rows
and ends with something like fourteen sts
that are grafted together right at the nape of the neckline.

TMI !  TMI ! ! ! 
I know, too much information.

=  +  =  +  =  +  =

A Blast from the Past
Let's go back to the '70s

My handiwork from the 1970s

Yes, the flowers on each arm had one of those little mirrors in the centers.

This is one of a pair that I embroidered,
each daughter was given one.

Peace V Love

♥ ♥ ♥ 


  1. Your new striped shawl looks marvelous on you ... it's such a nice accent to your gorgeous white hair. Lovely!

  2. I am so glad to have a face with the beautiful words I read! I love your hair! Oh, and the shawl is great too!

  3. Where to begin? SO awesome to see your beautiful face of 2011, and gosh I love your hair.

    New shawl is awesome (of course!) but I am really loving your blasts from the past! This embroidery is exquisite!

  4. There you are, my beautiful friend! I, too, love your looks so awesome with your pretty face! And that shawl is really cool! But I ADORE your 1970's embroidered tunic. OMG!!! I used to do that type of stuff in the '70s, too, and it STILL appeals to me now. Guess ya just can't take the "hippy" out of the girl! :o)



  5. Oh my, how cool! And I love the 70's top, I'd wear it NOW! Too bad I didn't save any of mine:) You're one busy lady with the yarn, and such beautiful creations. I love the socks too, don't think I've ever had any crochet ones on my feet. Course, I wear sandals/flipflops till the snow's too deep... Thanks for stopping by and 'getting' my silly today. Most of my followers giggle at my silliness, and if they don't, well they can move on:) Have a great Sunday Gerry.

  6. Forgot to ask, is the lady looking in the mirror (your find) you?

  7. Honey is this you? Your gorgeous not that I did not think that you were anything but....hahaha but I just had no idea.
    Anyway show more of yourself we all love that and like everyone else I love your hair. We both have the same color but mine is not as gorgeous as yours.
    Now about what your wearing....hahaha...I love it. You amaze me with your talent.
    Sorry I got you too with my story telling but when I woke up like that the other day I thought it was too funny not to share with you.

  8. Great pic of you and the new shawl. Just in time to show your team spirit (Go Cards). Loved seeing the shirt from yesteryears. Mom made a similar one for me, alas it's not around now. Annie Mouse (or Dianna)

  9. How beautiful are YOU???!!!! Oh, and yes your shawl is a stunner, too. : )

  10. Oh darlin' your singin' my song! I graduated in 1970. Your new shawl is just almost as beautiful as you. I had a blouse quite simular to the one you show when I was in college. Remember the ponchos and bell-bottoms.

    Sweetie, I just wanted to thank you for your sweet visit and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

    God bless ya and have a most amazin' week!!! :o)

  11. I think you should wear the 70's shirt to our next Cluckfest along with your lovely shawl.

  12. Lovely shawl on a beautiful lady! That is the best picture I have seen of you. I think the Knit Nite ladies would like to see your 70's shirt too. Hugs!

  13. I think I have the same shirt at my place ! ! !