Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hexie Puff 7 - Shawls 0

Hexie Puffs 7 - Shawls 0

Yes, I've joined the swarm who are buzzing about

Seems the Queen Bee in this instance is
Tiny Owl Knits  Stephanie Dosen

You've seen and heard about these 'tiny wonders' all over the interweb.

The Tiny Owl Knits Rav group 
is more than 4,000 strong.

And, I know there are many, many more knitting these hexie puffies that aren't on this Rav group.

It's a simply wonderful way of knitting up those sock yarn scraps.

The happy aspect of this activity is that
every color and weight yarn is a candidate.

Caution:  these lovely puffies are addictive ! ! ! ! ! 

That's the reason behind the lack of progress on my shawls.  
They've had very little love showered on them this past week.

oh, oh, I know you want it!
here's the link to the Hexie Puff pattern

* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

From my Grandma's Postcard Scrapbook

Notre Dame Cathedral 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
from her brother Raymond



  1. I have seen the little puffs around and they are adorable. One day I'll get a chance to try it. Right now I am so enjoying my Lace book and am almost done with my cowl. Hugs to you Gerry and thank you! I heard your name mentioned while listening to my first podcast,theknitgirllls, from 9-4 [I think],. I thought how small a world it is! Congratulations.

  2. Hi Gerry! :-)

    wow - you do some amazing things with yarn - just love thoes puffy hexies and the shawl is gorgeous!
    I'm loving that vintage postcard too... I wish I had been taught how to write in the same way as our late relatives... it is just the most beautiful handwriting isn't it?

    Have a fab weekend Gerry!
    Hugs! Vikki xoxo

  3. Looks like you've been a busy bee!!! Dianna

  4. Oh those would make a cute garland! Thanks for coming by for dotty day and for my give away! ♥

  5. I started to delve into the hexi puff craze...the crocheted version, that is. I made about five and then found myself drawn to other "makes" that would give me more instant gratification. The puffs are on hold for now. I think I'm feeling the pressure of the upcoming holidays so am putting my emphasis on crocheting for gifts. They ARE cute though! And that blanket made by Tiny Owl Knits is outta this world!