Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sox in the Making

While I have free time during our daily outings
this pair of purpley-striped ribbed sox 
are stashed in the console between the front seats and
get a couple more rounds completed each trip.
Eventually they'll get finished
in the meantime my hands are kept busy.
You know - Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop

This goldenrod pair is Pointelle 
 and is on it's THIRD beginning
and now being knit using Cascade Heritage superwash wool.

For some reason this particular  pattern is not co-operating with me.
The first two attempts were with Jojoland Melody yarn
and after the second time of ripping them back
I decided that Jojoland Melody was JINXed for 
So I've begun once again and
 hoping third time [and a yarn change] is the charm. 

This minty morsel is Hedera

Our Rav Cookie A's KAL is a little different from last year's Cookie KAL.
After a group vote, Pointelle AND Hedera are the patterns chosen for this first KAL.
As long as a pattern is begun in January
we have until the end of February to finish either
one or both in order for them to be eligible
for a chance to win [picked by Mr. Random Generator] 
great things
from the individuals who have donated such lovelies as YARN.

Today is a snow day - have 4-5 inches of snow.



  1. Your colors make me think Spring... The design on the minty green looks lovely.

  2. This is our second snow day (really ice storm day without the snow) this week (and it is only Tuesday). They have alread declared tomorrow is day 3 more of the same.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. I love the striped and the mint green socks. DH likes knowing that you knit in the car--just like his wife!

  4. I love your socks and the colors are just wonderful!

  5. Love all of them however the green ones look especially pretty to me perhaps since the design is just emerging. Gold will catch up soon.

  6. Hi honey their all very pretty.
    I love everything you do.
    Not sure if I told you about my Temptation page I added to my site or not I wanted to put your site on there if you don't mind.
    Also I am having a giveaway and whoever wins gets a gift to one of my followers shop. Like yours for example and if you enter and win then you can pick a shop you like to buy something from.

  7. Hi there.....boy do I wish I COULD KNIT!! LOL LOL



  8. If a snowy day is ahead, sounds like a perfect day to stitch some more.


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