Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red and Green

Just to let you know I haven't been slacking off here are a couple of projects finished
during the here and there bits of time I've spent on them.

Still using up those scrap pieces.
There is good new along those lines
I'm getting fed up with all these little pieces.
Yesterday I found just one more little bit of strip scraps.
I do believe they will find their way into the TRASH ! ! !
I know that's drastic talk from me
but enough is enough and now this is enough.
To the TRASH ! ! !


Now on to better topics.  Sox ! ! ! !
This pair has turned out just great for keeping my feet warm this winter.
Love this shade of greenand just a touch of orange-y at the cuff adds interest.

Keep Warm !



  1. Just love those green socks....

  2. Now about those scraps ---- Could we have made a placemat or mug rug or two with them? LOL ! ! !

  3. I love using up those small scraps on projects but I totally understand having your fill of them and allowing yourself to toss them. I love your project and what cute socks!

  4. Hey, those are great socks; I love the tops. What pattern did you use?

  5. Your lime green socks are adorable. I never did master the art of knitting or crocheting. It was always a backwards thing for a leftie like me.

  6. The socks are so cute!I hope I can learn to knit that well some day.

  7. Patriotic with just a touch of pink, very nice. Love the sox.

  8. But I will admit - I love the finished sox. I can tell those are for me - they are just my size. I can be your foot model.

    Hugs - Marie


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