Saturday, January 29, 2011

How would you like

How'd you like a special cottage such as this 
as your crafting cottage?

Early last summer when son and d-i-l were visiting,
d-i-l and I spied the For Sale sign in the yard.
-  -  -  Stopped the car, 
jumped out for the info sheet
and found that for 160k we could own it
A special crafting cottage of our own.

Gee, a gal can dream can't she ?

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Have mentioned lately how your Comments have made my day?
I love reading what you have to say 'cause they are such a reward.
It's nice to know you care enough to spend time visiting and commenting.
Thanks everyone.

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I want to give credit where it is due.
Lotus Blossom was a gift to me from a special quiltin' gal.



  1. Sorry for the sticker shock. But dreaming can be fun. By Wedneday we might be dreaming of Hawaii, right?

  2. What a lovely cottage. You would need a young, hunky gardner to take care of the yard while you played inside 8^)

  3. Hey, prices have really dropped in my area, maybe you can get it "for a steal". Then you can live in the back, open your crafting cottage, have classes every day and pay off the morgage. It's doable [I'm all about a positive attitude today].

    How was the thread painting?
    I want to see!

  4. While you are dreaming big....dream of a housekeeper and groundskeeper to go with it!

  5. I think we should buy it and set up shop!!! We have enough creative friends to make it!!!

  6. A girl CAN dream! You may as well dream BIG while you're at it anyway, I say. Otherwise what's the point?

  7. Oh my gosh, Gerry, that is a beautiful little cottage! I love it...I'd want to buy it if it were close to me. And dreams are GOOD!



  8. Ok - I'm in!!! We can call it Blogger's Cottage. The potential is fantastic - a get away and retreat location for all of us as well as a place to 'do and sell'.

    Love it.

    Hugs - Marie


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