Monday, December 6, 2010

SimplyChic Carryall for Crochet

A friend in the U.K. sent me some lovely fabric a while ago.
It took me some time to decide how I could show off the fab fabric to it's best.
I think it's Liberty Fabric ???????

Since I already have a carryall to carry to sewing classes
and one to tote my netbook
naturally I want one for my crochet stuff.

I wanted to preserve the fabric's great print,
Well, duh, what better way than to leave it to speak for itself.
Oh, yes, I did add a bit of bling 
didn't it turn out great ! ! ! 

The purple handles are drapery tie-backs that were a buck a piece at Hobby Lobby/

I used vinyl and fabric for the first pocket that will hold my current fave crochet pattern book
the next 'page' is a couple of fabric pockets to hold my current project
with instruction in the larger pocket.

There are pockets with zippers and more with out.

Pockets for my cotton crochet yarn on one page and two zipper pockets on the other page
that holds aluminum hooks in one and my steel hooks in the other.

Here are some of the details on the front of my newest carryall.

Back to organizing my sewing area.


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  1. I see we've gone very chic! I am very impressed with this bag - both inside and out. A day well spent!!

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Great is an understatement this is really really beautiful. I love how it turned out and especially the way you were so creative with the inside. wow just great.
    Hope your doing well honey. Appreciate you visiting today.

  3. Oh by the way I am your newest follower I found your from sweet Maggie's site and that is what I was trying to say in the comment above appreciate you visiting Maggie today so I could find your site. Hope Maggie does not see I signed her name instead of mine. I was thinking about her while writing you.
    I did this on someone else site the other day.


  4. Beautiful bag, very well improvised. I love, love the paisley desgin, and the fabric looks absolutely liberty of London. Divine.
    Thank you so much for visiting, and your lovely comment. I keep things in jars so it will be easy to know where every thing is. I got that idea from my granny.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Lots of love,

    -Samya :-)

  5. Your new carryall is really nice. I love all of the pages and pockets. Sweet embellishments.

    You really did a nice job creating it. Looks like it was fun to put together.

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous and so practical, too. You are so incredibly talented.
    Lots of hugs from,


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