Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday 'round here

Today's temp was at least 62 degrees with sunshine.
By sometime tomorrow those weather forecasters are predicting snow for our area.

So Hubby and I set about getting a few chores completed while we had decent weather
and before any snowy weather takes over.

Our garage really needed picking up.
Several months ago when we had our new windows installed
I had emptied out my ex-darkroom so the workers would be able to get to the window to re-place it.
Yep, all my 'stuff' has been cluttering the floor of the garage all this time, yuk!

It took a couple of hours
 but I have everything picked up.
Since I have plans to paint the room 
and the rest of the garage this coming Spring 
I didn't organize anything
just put it in there up off the floor.

Then we used the blower to clean out the garage
getting rid of the leaves that have been tracked in and collecting.
Then blew off the driveway and the patio.

Things are looking good.

I was pooped.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

It's been a while since I've shown my sox that have been knit in the car and at the eye clinic.
I really like the color.
They're going to be for wearing in the house this winter, I think.

All Fired Up
Plum Seduction
are in my growing nail polish collection.

Here's a group shot of Matilda and her gal pals.
Still not finished with 'em 
but they are 
lookin' good !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Hubby's day-after check up went well.
And has an appt at the end of next week for an eye chart exam.
He is lovin' his new view and is glad to have had this procedure.

Happy Holiday Hugs Gals 


  1. Hey, the socks are looking good. I am liking the purple nail polish. I have been wearing dark purple for awhile. I think it makes a statement, but I'm not sure what it says - maybe that I'm just an old woman who likes purple.

  2. You could do the red and purple together, like on every other finger, get a purple hat and a red scarf and be a "Red Hatter".

    Socks are looking good.

  3. I would be pooped too...but I am sure it feels good.

    Those socks are going to be wonderful, love the color!

  4. I like Matilda and her gal pals. Good looking legs these gals have!

  5. Hope you get to park your car in the garage on these cold days. I'm sure you were knackered after all that work. What's in your water over there? Those dolls are multiplying like rabbits!!!

  6. sounds very productive. Love the nail polish colours! Rachaelxo

  7. Gerry ~ Your wee gals are darling ... & your 'nails' will pop. Hope hubby is going to be fine.

    Merry Christmas Hugs ~

  8. Your creations are real sweet, you have a lot of detail in each one. I bet they kinda become their own personality while they are being created. Keep up the great creative work. Happy Holidays, Diane


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