Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's a Finished Object
for the Knit A Long

Cookie A. named her pattern Cauchy
and is the math inequality sign
you know <>

I began the KAL on November first
only to find my first yarn choice stank
as far as being able to decern a pattern in the self-stripping yarn.

So I went to the Stash and found this Icy Blue and Serendipity Turquioise combo
to begin again.
They made with the same yarn as Hubby's Turf Green Sox.
Bown Sheep Co
Lambs Pride SuperWash
Sport weight.
Just finished them this week - I do love 'em.

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  1. ME TOO! Now these are more my style. Just kidding I really liked the other pair too. They look so comfy. I may have to try and make a pair. I tried once and had little knots all over them (I was not a very experienced knitter then).

    Hugs - Marie

  2. These socks are so awesome...and love love the color...I am envious of those that can make socks....

  3. Hi Gerry! I'm enjoying getting acquainted with your blog. I'm impressed with your knitting skills.....I could never master knitting, but I did a lot of crochet in my youth. Your friends and family are lucky to get handmade gifts from you. How special!


  4. what a lovely pair of socks just in time for Christmas! i must get back to knitting one day... so much to do, so little time!

  5. The colors are great together. Isn't it rewarding using up stash scraps? Beautiful socks.

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