Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here it is mid-week already

Cookie A's new sock book is just about to come out.
Shipping date November 20th 
I've pre-ordered my copy. 

You may remember I joined the Rav group for Cookie A's book
Sock Innovation last year
and committed to the KAL.
Sad to say my intentions were disrupted in September 
when hubby encountered a  couple of medical problems.

Well, those problems have sorted themselves out so that we are back to our usual routine more or less.

So when I was invited to join a new Cookie A RAV Group: 
Knit. Sock. Love.
I jumped right in
[wearing hand knit sox no less]

You still have time to join in the fun
There are already 181 of us.

There's to be the beloved KAL 
which/that won't begin until after the holidays.
In the meantime, we are doing a 
Free For All KAL
Any Cookie A pattern.
So I decided to knit a pattern from Sock Innovation.
Cauchy is a simple knit-purl combo that 
forms lines that resemble inequality signs.

You know I favor Toe-Up Magic Loop Method of knitting sox, 
but this time it'll be Cuff Down still on Magic Loop Method ending with the Kirtchner Stitch.  Oh, happy day ! ! ! .

While I ordered my copy of SKL I also purchased a 
pdf downloadable copy.
I want to have a jump on picking my faves so I'll be ready when voting time to chose a pattern for January comes 'round...

Here a pic of Cauchy just past the cuff section
I'm having lots of fun getting back into knitting
Cookie A designs.

I've been following a really good blog titled  Blog Buddy  
If you haven't found this blog and have had issues with Google Blogger, well  -  -  -  -
The Blog Boddy is the brain child of

What she sez about her Blog Buddy idea:

"What is a blog buddy you ask. Well, I have had so many emails asking me different questions about blogging, pictures, emails, blog buttons, how to follow a blog, etc...I thought I would start a feature on my blog called Blog Buddy. This ongoing section of my blog will give tips and helpful hints for you, your computer, your blog and blogging in general. I blog through Blogger, so most of the info will be about Blogger. This will be a "go to" feature for blogging help."

IF you've ever had questions about or problems with Google Blogger you just may be able to get a resolution by visiting Karen's blog.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s


  1. Gerry - the yarn is great and the challenge is daunting. I have never tried sox and am not sure I have the patience. Yours are looking good though.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Thanks for Karen's links. I think they will prove to be fun and helpful.


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