Friday, August 20, 2010

Carry-All . . . . . Win All

  • Recognize this Sun-Moon fabric from my other post?  I've had it for years and hadn't found a good project for it until now.

  • The solid blue corduroy is from many years ago.  Leftover fabric from grandson Ryan's pants that his mom made for him when he was 2 years old.  Hmmmm, something like umpteen years ago.

  • Love the colors in both these fabric and think this bag is just the way to show it off.

Sunday I took a class for this
Simply Chic Carry All
pattern by
Michelle's Designs

Class was held in Columbia.  The instructor was Linda B.

Zede's Sewing Studio
in Columbia
is where I took Linda B's class on free-motion quilting a couple of months ago
This is where Sunday's class was held with five gals eager to make this carry all.

Linda B's class for the Simply Chic was great !
- - - -
learned lots of techniques that make the construction of this bag easy-peasy.

The first photo is the front of the bag with a good-sized pocket.
I've not made the handles yet, but do have something in mind
rather than the pre-made handles recommended.

The inside has several pockets
here you can see the ruffled one with a shorter pocket in front.

The other side has a zippered vinyl pocket on the top
with a fabric zippered pocket on the  bottom.
This project has lots of zippered pockets . .  .  .
something eleven zippers, Gad that's a lot of zippers.
Good thing I used Sullivans Make a Zipper.
This kit includes 5.5 yards of zipper with 12 tabs.
Just cut to your measurements.
Yep, easy-peasy.

The black strip in the gusset is a Velcro strip that will be used to attach a removable insert that has even more pockets.
Wait 'til you see it ! ! !
I'm still working on that part.

Dear Hubby drew the winning chance first thing this morning.
Before I tell all
I want to say THANK YOU to all of you blogger-itas for visiting and leaving such wonderful Comments. 
You make Blogging great !

This third of my Play-It-Forward giveaways
is going to
Martys Fiber Musings

If you've not visited with Marty why not do so right now?

Again, THANKS for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

Hmmmmm, what will my next giveaway be ????????????????

Just found Christine  A Few Scraps
who is having a Free Motion Quilt Along
where we can learn all about free-motion.
See my sidebar for her button.
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  1. Thank you...thank you....thank you! So much joy you have given me today. Wish I could say it in French, perhaps someday. I've learned never to say never.

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous of Marty. Congrats to her and thank you to you for having this wonderful give away.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Oh my goodness....what a fantastic bag and the colors....just amazing. I can see that that took a ton of work....!! WOW!!!

  4. Gerry, I can't wait to see where you put eleven zippers in this good looking bag.

  5. Fantabulous!!! Of course you will do something different for the handles. I know they will be FAB.

  6. Your bag looks great. I enjoyed seeing it in person today. Good job...

  7. Good morning Gerry!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog - glad you like the decopatch, which I love to do :0) so much. You must have read my mind because last night I decided that I would a "show and tell" posting soon! Hope you will pop back often, put your feet up and I'll put the kettle on!
    Your bag looks totally AMAZING I don't think I could attempt anything so complex, but you are doing a great job.
    Whatever you do today, may it be happy and blessed.
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  8. I Like the blue bag!

    Is this French woman singing abou love, or what?

    I kind of get what "La vie en
    rosa" is.

  9. I Like the blue bag!

    Is this French woman singing abou love, or what?

    I kind of get what "La vie en
    rosa" is.


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