Thursday, February 11, 2010

QAWM and the rest of the Challenges, and Knit Hats to boot

Here's my first QAWM project.
Pathetic isn't it.  Just does not do it for me.   Makes a great table runner, but no ZING, that's fer sure.
Not one to be thwarted, by this afternoon I will have a project with some ZING
You can just bet Thimbleberries will not be featured ! ! 
Anyway - - - - -

Here's a couple of knit hats worthy of the weather.  I know my pal DJ got her hat pattern off Ravelry, but am not certain where AMW got her pattern.  AM, where'd you find your pattern?
So here they are toasty as can be.

Okay, enough chit-chat I'm off to start the day  - - -
hope to do
No Strings Attached
and end up with a GREAT beginning of a QAWM ! ! 


  1. I sure could use a knit hat. : -)

  2. Toaste and Groovy Chicks!!!

  3. I sure would like a hat like these, too.

  4. Those hats rock.....

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
    <3 = Heart
    <3 <3 <3 = Hearts

  5. luv2sew-betty.blogspot.comFebruary 11, 2010 at 3:16 PM

    Nice hats on two cool Chicks. We could all use a nice knit hat for the cold winter days.

  6. Love that photo of the hat models. Very sassy!

  7. It's me in the red hat finally responding about that fun-to-knit hat. The pattern is "Pretty Petal Top" designed by Marnie MacLean, in the book, "100 Knitting Projects." That was my first time to knit a lace design in the round and I enjoyed every minute. It is actually the second one that I made. My first one was exactly as the pattern directed--with a rolled edge. I enjoy wearing it too. Imagine, two red caps! All my friends know that RED is my favorite color. Snowy hugs,