Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Saturday

Today was busy.
First thing this morning was our monthly Thimbleberries Club.
This month's program was 'Color Theory' given by a member of our local quilt guild.  Great presentation.  Can never get enough color theory.
Daughter Debbie finished a quilt top using Scout T-shirts acquired during the years of Ryan's scouting.  Sashed with Boy Scout themed fabric.
After lunch at the bbq [pulled chicken and pulled pork]
Deb and I sorted out a project we began more than eighteen months ago.  At least we now have a plan of attack for our next 'quilt day' together.

I have the body of my QAWM* quilt together.  After a number of trials I decided on this configuration.
Have no idea what to border it with other than beginning with a narrow yellow - then ????
Will leave it up on the wall for a while for an inspiration.
Now, it's time for cookies ! 


  1. I like your QAWM quilt but what is QAWM???

  2. Aren't quilt walls wonderful!!! I think I would border in red to highlight the yellow even more.

  3. Nice quilts! I went to a quilt show yesterday and saw the most gorgeous quilted wall hangings and bags. I wish I could quilt, but don't feel I have the time right now. Maybe some day.

  4. I like your arrangement on your "QAWM" project.

  5. I like this better than the one where you would have needed all those setting triangles. Much easier and I love the zig zag "lightening" look. I'm thinking the royal blue for a tiny inner border then the the yellow?

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! The colours are so bright and cheerful, I love it :-D