Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Ripple

Here's BABY RIPPLE, don't you agree it is lovely ! ! !

DH and I picked the yarn and the color [what else beside pinks would do?] and I set to work crocheting, crocheting and then, crocheting some more.
It ended up be 36" x 40"

Wasn't too certain how to finish the edge until I picked up my old standby [there are some that think it's publishing date of 1959 makes it OLD, OLD]

Found what I was looking for on page 18:

Ahh, a Shell Stitch Edge.
What fun ! ! !
My very first ripple blanket completed.

Certainly is a Lucy-style ripple blanket if I ever saw one.   Please, take a moment to drop in for a visit with Lucy and leave her a comment.

Why it's a box covered with hearts!
Just the right box for:
A Gift-From-Our-Hearts
topped off with a pink bow.
Ready for a girly-girl.


  1. Baby Ripple looks fantastic!! ♥

  2. Your baby ripple is so pretty! Love the colors.

  3. Love it, Gerry!! There's nothing like a ripple . . . especially in PINK!! Lucy would be proud : ).

  4. Gorgeous baby ripple. Love the colours you've used.
    A x

  5. Love the pink baby ripple and listening to Pink. I can almost see her swinging in the air.

  6. Multiple talents - I'm impressed. Love the ripple afghan. Somethings never go out of style.

  7. hi gerry thank u for your comment your ripple is a doable size not like my ripplin monster...lynnie

  8. Stunning first Ripple. You got that right. It's a Lucy special. She will be so proud of this one. Love your edging, doesn't it just finish them off. What next?...he-he...

  9. Gerry, love the baby afghan. Can't wait to make one for my great granddaughter.

  10. I love the way you've added the border to square it off. I never thought to do that with the one I made and just left the zigzag edges. Great colours as well.

  11. Gerry this is such a beautiful ripple! I LOVE the way you have given it a straight edge, how do you do it? xxx

  12. The border on Baby Ripple was inspired by none other than The Garden Bell - you can find her Ripples on her blog. Just click on 'The Garden Bell' in the above Comment.



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