Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look ! ! ! ! I’m a part-time gardener . . . . . .

Part time gardener 001

Some of you may remember

my post in August of ‘07

here’s a photo of my garden from that summer.

My Flower Garden


  1. Don't things from your own garden taste better?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog... I love this blogging lark for the fact that, from time to time, a little sparkle of someone new and definitely interesting drops into the mix of comments from friends and fellow-bloggers. And this in turn can lead you to look at other new blogs you may never otherwise have come across... oops, and there goes another hour!
    I LOVE your blog.... will have to call by again... wish I could take part in the ginger jar quilt, but being in the UK, the postage would be prohibitive for you. Still, I can dream away to my hearts content. (Really must get hearts out of the vocabulary!)


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