Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Presenting the Dollies

Kira, you asked for them - - - and I must admit I am not the originator of this idea of using wood beads and spools.  I love these Dollies.  I used marker pens, embellishments and the boxes are from Thimbleberries Thread sets I purchased a couple of years ago.  The wallpaper in the background is used gift wrap.

The little vase is a garage sale purchase for a quarter.  I did embellish it a little and think it’s a cute as can be

Every Sunday morning grocery shopping trip I stop by the flower section and have been able to bring home some very lovely blossoms that perk up the place during these dreadfully dismal, rainy, misty, cloudy days we’ve been having lately.  These roses are just one example of the choices I’ve brought home.

Flowers on Sale Roses

Last evening was spent knitting and crocheting with our monthly group of very creative needlers and hookers.  Saw some cool projects, learned a couple of new techniques and a hot Chia Latte.


  1. The wooden dollies are adorable! I feel pampered when I bring home flowers too :)

    Sandy xox

  2. Hi, Gerry & TY for coming over for a visit, & joining me. Marty is a sweetie, for sure.

    We do genealogy also, LOVE it!

    Your wooden creations I've never seen the likes of, they are wonderful. And, those TO DIE FOR ROSES, um-ummmmm.

    Happy November! TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I've never seen the spool dollies before, they are cute as can be. I want to make some too!


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