Sunday, October 25, 2009

‘It’s All About Me’ - - - - -


was such an opportunity to visit so many blogs and see creative minds at work.  Everyone who participated in Natasha's swap/challenge/party showed off her accomplishments.  Oh, and what a variety of ideas! ! !  If your interest is piqued take at look.

In the meantime I’ve started a couple of new projects and haven’t gotten very far with either one, but having fun doing them.

This is the beginning of my Lucy-style Ripple Blanket.  It really does workup fairly fast.  And it is an easy project.  Check out Lucy’s tutorial.

about me crocheted ripple

Fall 2009 10 011

And then, because cold weather is upon us - - - - I’ve begun knitting a neck warmer.  My inspiration is Melody's neckwarmer.  Saw it and just had to make one.  I think it’ll be just the thing to keep that cold from creeping down the neck of my jacket this winter.

Fall 2009 10 012

The beginning of a vignette?

Fall 2009 10 014


It’s Autumn in Jeff City.


Fall 2009 10 001

Fall 2009 10 005

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  1. You are moving along very nicely on that ripple. Isn't fun once you get the hang of it... It just flows right along. You don't even know your are counting after a while. Great color far. I'm thinking you may want to pick up a few more from what I can see. Are you planning on using any that you dye or saving that for a pair of I see you knit too.

    Have fun... Hope the squash turn out for you. My Scott just loves it... me not too fond of...but that's just me...


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