Friday, May 8, 2009

Lucy-Style Crocheted Bag

Here it is ! ! ! !
It's a Lucy-Style Crocheted Bag ! ! ! ! !
It's been a very long time since I picked up a crochet hook and made anything. Have been too busy knitting one pair of sox after another.
It's been a very long time since I picked up a crochet hook and made anything.
I've been having so much fun knitting sox - one pair right after another.
However, after one look at Lucy's blog - ATTIC24
I could not resist the temptation. Had to go shopping for yarn.
So off I went. Came home with a dozen or so skeins of joyful-colored yarn.
My new stash has already made it's debut on an earlier post.
I dug out my hooks and went online to Lucy's Crocheted Bag tutorial.
In no time at all I had this wonderful Crocheted Bag.
Don't you love it??
Lucy even has instructions for those cute flowers and leaves.
[I'll be happier when I learn a better way to insert the hyperlink, 'til then ~]
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  1. Oh yes..I love your cro bag..its just fab ! I want one too ! Will look up the pattern myself but not sure when I'll get round to it as have so many 'want to make' projects that it'll take me an age to complete them all.

    As for hyperlinks...I've not worked that one out either but if I do I'll let you know and will keep a lookout for advice myself.

  2. Your bag is gorgeous! Really, really lovely! Love the flowers and leaves. And the colours you've used work beautifully.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. Yes, Lucy has alot to answer for, in the nicest possible way. I've made cushions, a bag and am on my 2nd bag........

  4. Vanessa, my color choice was heavily influenced by Lucy [for those was aren't aware, you can Lucy at
    ] In fact, so much so that I dropped my circular knitting needle like a hot potato to llok for my crochet hooks. I'm having a blast !

  5. Jude, thanks to the Internet Lucy's style and so many other blogger's influence can be shared throughout cyberspace. Now we can experience a world of ideas.
    I finished the bag, have finished the small tabletopper [I'll post it to my blog shortly] and will no doubt begin another bag soon.


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