Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Local Library

has a wealth of treasures.
I am an ardent user of it and have spent many happy hours reading mysteries, perusing quilting, knitting and beading books, and listening to audiobooks.
I've just finished listening to KNITTING by Anne Bartlett and ready by Beverley Dunn.
Ms Dunn brings character to Sandra, Cliffie and especially Martha.
It's available at the library [just as soon as I return it], who knows you may enjoy it also.


  1. I used to be an ardent user of our local library and really miss being able to go in and either find a book I wanted or be able to order it in for 50p. I could then decide if it was something I wanted to buy for keeping or just make a few projects and move on or read a good novel or whatever took my fancy at the time. Now I can't, there are no such thing as libraries out here and I'm really missing it. I now have to rely on Amazon or wait till I get back to UK for visits or rely on the tastes of other ex-pats on the compound.

  2. We were extremely forunate as our compound in Abqaiq and a wonderful library with all the current publications. I can commiserate with your lack of library facilities.
    Of course, it is alway nice to be able to sample before having to shell out the bucks for something you may or may not get some knowledge/entertainment from.
    I've just finished another pair of socks last night and kitchnered this morning before wearing them. Am already finishing a UFO pair that I've frogged and frogged.


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