Monday, January 5, 2009

Impulse Projects

Felt like I had to play with some color and some new techniques so I got out one of my new books and some colorful fabric and went to play. Then as I was scanning some new blogs I found a tutorial for a five-pointed star and tried it out. Am working of a smaller version of the 14" square sample. This'll just be a little wallhanging.
And since Christmas is over it makes my seasonal tote was out of date. So I got out a new pattern I bought at the Quilt Show in Columbia last November, That and my online purchase of animal skin print fabric made up this little beauty.

The flap is removeable so that with a different flap it could give it a entirely different look.


  1. I saw this bag at the Columbia show, was tempted but put it back. I have too many projects waiting on my already.

    Nice bag. Can't wait to see it. Looks like I will be missing out of some nice show and tell at the Chicks this month.


  2. Deb and I saw it and glommed onto it and an additional flap pattern. Too many projects? what does that mean ? ? ? ?


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