Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bringing this Blog up to date! ! !

Love these clear clogs ! ! ! Sloggers ! ! ! Great way for me to show off my hand-knit socks.
[Look good with my workpants, huh ? ? ? ]
Sloggers were a little wide even with the knit sox so put inner soles in and now they're a real good fit.

Frogged my first pair of Magic Loop sox to use the yarn in this pair of Regia Kaffee Fassett Design using Melissa Morgan-Oakes' Twilight Pattern, but I knitted toe-up. I'm really glad I re-knit that first pair. The tension was way to loose and now that this new pair is finished, I'm really glad I decided to re-make the pair. These feel and fit soooo goooood.

Stopped at Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe after lunch at T.G.I.Friday's this week and fell in love with the yummy brown woo/bamboo yarn. Have already begun knitting a Toe-Up version of Melissa's Classic Sock pattern. They're to be for Ron. Yahoo ! ! !

Aside from listening to audiobooks and knitting, I've been working on my newest X-Block quilt top. It's really moving along in spite of the limited time I'm sitting at the Featherweight.

Have already begun planning another version of Mo's Basket pattern, my third.


  1. cute tootsies, neat pics

  2. OK, now I REALLY need those clogs!

  3. Melissa, These clogs are advertised as garden clogs on their website, but they are quite comfortable to walk in. They're available in only the one width which was a bit wide for my foot. After I inserted innersole to take the extra space they fit, well, like a clog.
    I love having my hand-knitted socks on display. :)

  4. I glad that Ron is getting a pair of sock too.

  5. Wow!!! fancy socks. I like the ani bacterial variety. The colors are great!


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