Saturday, August 4, 2007

Satin Stitches Grand Flower Class

The day finally came ! ! ! The first class I've ever signed up for ! ! It was held at Satin Stitches and taught by Juanita Yeager.
Here are shots of my Grand Flower so far. The quilted background has the leaf just attached. The leaf still needs to have veins stitched before I begin to attach the top half of the Grand Flower and then the bottom half of the flower.

There were twenty-two of us signed up and we had a full classroom. Every one of us loaded down with every conceivable sewing item we thought we'd ever need.
There were kits at each of our work areas. And we were ready to go.
These we two days of intensive learning and quilting! with home work in between. Boy, did we learn alot ! ! !
Juanita is a talented artist who recently moved to Columbia [ lucky for us] . She's a great instructor and was very patient with this group of twenty-two eager gals. If you want to see some of her work just google Juanita Yeager and you'll find numerous sites with pics of her work. Also try Bluestem gallery in Columbia.
Satin Stitches will be having more classes with Juanita this fall. Gail said that a list of classes will be in the soon to be mailed newsletter.

Gail and the gals treated us royally. Cool treats and truly wonderful lunches, and I don't want to forget about the lovely afternoon dessert cart.


  1. Hi Gerry,
    Your GRAND FLOWER is awesome.
    I went to the web sites of Jauanita and Blue Stem--good stuff there.
    I am honored to count you as a "talented" friend.
    Keep it up!
    Anna Marie


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